Friday, June 11, 2010

What I Read This Week

Only 4 books read this week, I have been spending more time finishing up my WIP and getting a VBS program in order that I will be holding here are my home next month. Busy, busy, busy!!

But yesterday I wrote 11,000 words on my WIP!! A blessing from God to be sure, since I have NEVER done that before. That takes my total to 26,000 words for the week. I will finish it today with only  3K left to write!!

And they are:
Stuck in the Middle by Virginia Smith
Highland Blessings by Jennifer Hudson Taylor
Love on a Dime by Cara Lynn James
Sushi for One? by Camy Tang

That is all I have, but how did you do for the challenge? I would love to add it to our total!

Also, today is your LAST day to enter to win Shannon Vannatter's book, White Roses. Check it out!


  1. You do sound busy! Congrats on being close to finishing your WIP!!! :D


  2. 11, 000 words in 1 day?! What kind of coffee do you drink? The most I've ever written in 1 day is 6500. Phew, I need to step it up :P

  3. You amaze me! 4 books WOW! you go girl!

    Have a blessed weekend :)

    Happy Reading!

  4. Wow, in one day. That's impressive, Casey! I've had a hard time getting my 3000 words in this week, but hopefully next week will be easier since today is our last day of homeschool.

  5. No way! 11,000 words in one day???? And you have read four books in a week? Plus 26,000 words? Are you on some meds to keep you awake at night???? I'm ashamed of myself. *slaps hand*.

  6. Casey, When the spirit moves....WATCH OUT:) So happy for you!

  7. I have 4 to add for the past 2 weeks.
    (find it hard to remember every week)

    Abbie Ann by Sharlene MacLaren
    Winters end by Ruth Logan Herne

    Finnding Jenna by Miralee Ferrell
    Seeds of Summer by Deborah Vogts

  8. Good choices this week! I love anything by Virginia Smith and Sushi for One LOVED it!

    Been awhile since I updated 3 more books:
    #17 - Wonders Never Cease - Tim Downs
    #18 - Midnight Sea - Colleen Coble
    #19 - The Renovation Series - Terri Kraus

  9. Busy, but it keeps me off the streets as they would say, Amber. Though I technically live near the streets, so how would that work?? :)

    @Mia, I actually don't drink coffee. :) No, just motivation and don't fee like you need to step it up, EVERYONE writes at their own pace and you don't want to get burnt out, I could NEVER keep that pace up for longer than one day. :)

    @Loren, LOL, thanks, a great weekend to you too!

    @Julia, I generally write 3K a day, but as the end closed in I wanted to be done. Homeschool? Good for you!! I was homeschooled all the way through high school. :)

    @Sherrinda, oh stop it. *grins*, that was a one day fluke and I had to stay up until 9:30 at night to get it done. :)

    @Laura, AMEN!!!! I couldn't have said it better myself. :D

    @Jenny and Holly, got them counted ladies, thanks!!

    Thanks everyone for the support, YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT IT MEANS TO ME!!!!!!

  10. Awesome, Casey. I'm so glad you were homeschooled. I think quite highly of you and pray for my daughter to become a virtuous young lady like yourself. I know the world certainly won't teach her that :)

  11. Ah, thank you Julia, that really means a lot to me. I have to thank my parents for it all, they are the ones who truly raised me to be a godly young woman.

    That means so much, thank you!

  12. That is awesome and they are definitely to be applauded. I definitely think its the parent's responsibility to be imparting spiritual knowledge, not the schools or even the churches (in my opinion, anyway.

  13. Yes, yes and again YES!! I agree completely. :)

  14. Wow, 4 more books to add to my list of reads. Just finished VBS last week. Western theme. We enjoyed wearing jeans, boots etc for a few Sunday's before. Great to be casual for a chance. We had a big success. Be praying you VBS gives you all you are praying for!


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