Friday, March 25, 2011

Cold Call Friday with Ruth Logan Herne!!!

Welcome Ruth, to your “Cold Call” interview!!  For those of you who don’t know what the “Cold Call” feature is, at the beginning of the month I have a poll, the winning author YOU then get to interview!! Ruth Logan Herne won this month’s vote and I am thrilled to present her here with YOUR questions. Without any further ado, heeeerrrre’s Ruthy!

Out of all the heroines, who would you say most reflects you?
Oh. Well. Dagnabbit. Hmm…  Kayla…. Young, beautiful, educated, focused, pretending to be normal on the outside…
Gotta think on that.
Sarah… Strong, stoic, reserved but passionate, hard-working, determined, rough self-esteem, put down and demeaned all her life…
Considering that one, too.

Rita… A baker, a mother, an eager to please personality, recovering alcoholic, rough on herself, just starting to come into her own as a woman and entrepreneur…


Alyssa, self-sacrificing, a fixer but a hider, too, pretending things are all right when they’re not, proud, unwilling to bend when needed, longing to change things…

I think whenever you write characters that parts of your personality come through. Overall, though, I’d say Kayla because she’s brave and stout-hearted, willing to do whatever it takes and she puts on the face for the world even though she KNOWS she’s a mess inside. And while she feels like she’s improving and getting a handle on things, she recognizes her limitations. But she doesn’t want anyone else to see them, ever.  I gave Rita my baking credentials, and she makes a mean crème horn, LOL! And Sarah has my love and appreciation of dogs, but she treats them like dogs, not children, and that’s my quality too. Alyssa got my anxious to please part, the part that hates letting people down. But overall so far, I’d vote Kayla. Although she’s YOUNGER, PRETTIER, BETTER EDUCATED AND SKINNIER.  Brat.
If Winter’s End were a movie who would you like to see play Marc and Kayla?
Oh, this is a great question because I’d love, love, love to see my series work on the Hallmark Channel. I’d be thrilled. Beyond thrilled. Almost beyond chocolate, but not quite.
Why the Hallmark Channel, you ask? Why not movie theaters?
Here’s why:  People can see it for free (all right, all right, they’re paying for the cable, but you know what I mean.) on the Hallmark Channel. Do you know how fun it is to imagine touching hearts of so many and they don’t have to pay an extra dime?  And yeah, big movie deals pay more, but how much money does any one person need? 
Okay, back to it:  Marc:  Well, I sent Derek Jeter’s pic in to  Harlequin’s wonderful art team for cover art because Marc’s mix makes him distinctive. Latino and Dutch, a hint dark, but those big, green, Jeter-like eyes. Short hair, a little ragged at times…
Hmm… I’d go with Tom Welling. I’m attaching his pic. Strong. Rugged. Tough. Maybe a little acerbic.  But a heart of gold. Good with animals.
For Kayla, it would be Reese Witherspoon. Short hair, spunky, able to do whatever it takes, funny… Love her.

Hot, medium or mild? And that would be chicken wings, not romance. :-P
I’m the only person on the planet (and I live only an hour from BUFFALO, inventor of the wing!!!) who isn’t a big fan of chicken wings. I hate to fight the bone for my food, but when I do eat them, I like sweet-n-sour sauce, like Boss sauce. Just a little bite and a hint of sweet. Kind of like me.

Oh, I think I threw up, just a little, in my mouth. My bad.
(Casey here: answer the romance one too!! J)
Romance: Personal????  Hot’s great. I won’t even pretend otherwise.  There’s nothing wrong with stoking those been-married-for -37-years-fires, right???? 

Reading:  Warm. Mildly hot if it fits the moment, but… And this is a big but… (not mine, that’s two ‘t’s, the exception I’m about to make, sheesh… Ladies… really….)  I love reading great romance. I don’t need a huge build up of passion, but I do need one of emotion and those are very different things for me. So sweet-to-warm (think Hitch… Sweet Home Alabama… You’ve Got Mail… Maid in Manhattan) with purpose. And I love my gals to be pull-‘em-up-by-the-bootstraps tough. School of hard knocks educational society!
We always complain about the weather, but what are your favorite parts of living New York? Aside from those mystery men of Allegany County of course, ROFL.

Ah, those Men of Allegany County.  Gotta love the boys!!!  (laughing here…) And Casey, you’ve made the same mistake everyone does. The county isn’t spelled the same way as the mountains. Do not ask me why. I wasn’t around when they chose the spelling, but everyone messes it up. I have to keep changing it on my edits and copies because each editor must think the other one missed it.
Nope. Just different!
Anyway, favorite part of living in New York:  The weather. Before you spew, it’s true. I love the change of seasons, I love our long, languorous, gorgeous falls, it’s just breathtaking here, the hot, sultry summer, just enough for a taste, any more and I’d kill someone. (READ: DOESN’T DO BUGS OR HUMIDITY WELL. NEITHER DOES HER HAIR) 
So  knowing that, God sends just enough summer here to make me appreciate winter. Isn’t he clever???  Winter stays too long, but so does summer in Mississippi and I don’t have poisonous ANYTHING, so New York works for me. Except for the taxes. Oh my stars, do not get me started on New York taxes.
Do you really eat peanut M&M’s for breakfast?
I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t eat peanut M&M’s for breakfast. You’re kidding, right???
And for all the salivating fans out there…where can they get in touch with you online?
First, get them tissues. Baby wipes. Something. Here’s a napkin, salivating fans are just a touch disturbing, dear.
I’m actually everywhere these days. It’s got to be quite annoying to like the whole planet. Really. I mean that. Kind of.
The teeming masses can find me at Ruthy’s Place  which is where I exploit small animals and children in order to lure people in to buy books. Or I might be hangin’ with the guys at  where I love to cook up some really good food and chat up this new series that I LOVE… Have I mentioned that? My love for this series? Because if I haven’t, I should. Really. Put that in special font or something, Casey, because I LOVE THIS SERIES…
Or come see me and my buds at my fave hangout in all the world where all the cool cat readers and writers come to chat and eat great cyber food. No cover charge. NONE!!! SWEET! I’m also at which is a standard website, but I can’t blog and chat there so it’s more fun to annoy people where they can make fun of me and I can return the favor. So much more gratifying, don’t you think???

Friday's Note:
The winner of Cara Lynn James's Love on Assignment is...
Laura H!!!!
Thanks everyone for entering!!


  1. I say we start a Facebook campaign to get Ruthy's books on Hallmark. If it can work to get Betty White on SNL, surely romance lovers can make it happen for Ruthy.

    Peace, Julie

  2. Oh crud. It's so sunny in WNY today and you had to bring up taxes, Ruthy. did I tell you .... aw never mind.

    ditto on NY - except for black flies in May and the fact we wear winter clothes for 7 months out of the year.

    You look mahvelous, darlin' and thank you for introducing me to an adorable blog and host!
    Love the cold call idea Casey!

    Ruthy's books are definitely Hallmark material. Heck, they could do just Seeker books and fill their movie obligations for years to come!

  3. Oh, I'd LOVE to see my Seekerville buddy Ruthy's books on the Hallmark Channel!

    Thanks for the fun interview, ladies!

  4. Ruthy and Case ... FUN interview!! And Ruthy, I'd vote for you to be on Hallmark any day of the week, sweetcakes -- they need a little something to shake them up ... :)


  5. Good morning! Ruthy, if you've been married for 37 years you obviously were a child bride.

    I didn't know about your peanut m&m secret vice. I love them, too.

  6. Seriously, Ruthy, she asked for your FAVORITE.
    that doesn't mean you get to list them ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Casey, if you're grading this interview, I think you're gonna have to mark her down on this question.


  7. Casey loves ME, Connealy, and wouldn't mark me down because I'm a nice Seeker.

    Sheesh. Everybody knows that!

    A campaign for the Hallmark Channel...

    Oh, I love that. Call Michael Landon, Jr. We'll start right there, LOL!

    And Julie huge THANK YOUS for that lovely review of Reunited Hearts on Oh, that was beautiful!!!!

  8. New photo RUTHY!! Love it!

    Hey, and I can testify, she does eat Peanut M & M's for breakfast.

  9. Too fun, Ruthy & Casey! But boo hoo, you had to pick a Seeker group photo Glynna and I missed out on!

    Love the puppy, though! And the M&Ms! Loooooove peanut M&Ms, although for breakfast? Not so much.

  10. How fun!! What a great interview, ladies!!

  11. YAY! I finally got Ruthy on my blog and all it took was a file of bizarre questions. :)

    I had to read a few to my mom and she lol'd. You bring out the 'fun' in everyone, dear lady! I smile just THINKING about you!! :D

    Thanks for being such a good sport. :)

  12. RUTHY! LUV, LUV, LUV the new photo!! Wowzers!! :D

    MARY, no marks down or up. This is a good grade only all the way across the board- for everyone. ;)

    JULIE, I put your name on the vote!! It's up to the fans now. :)

  13. I loved Kayla and Marc! Winter's End was one of the first books I bought for my Kindle.

    I just started a new category of post on my blog for books I'd like to see turned into classic Hallmark. (I guess even in my imagination getting inspirational stories to the big screen seemed too great a leap!) I plan to put more reviews up in the future of these kinds of stories and Winter's End is on my list :) . . . However, I tend to picture guys like Marc as looking a lot like Matthew Fox (Jack from the show Lost). Now can't you see him as a gorgeous North Country farmer?

    BTW, I'm glad you spoke up for our state, Ruthy. Even tho' this winter has seemed long and cold and snowy, I do love upstate NY. I agree that fall is the best here!

    I enjoyed the interview, ladies! Happy Weekend. Blessings!

  14. Hey,
    Thanks Casey for interveiwing Ruth!
    I love hearing from my favorite authors on your blog.
    Just dropping by to say hi. "Hi."


  15. LOL @ the chicken wing comment. I'm from Long Island originally. When I first came to college in WNY (almost 20 years ago) I couldn't understand why ANYONE would ever eat a chicken wing. Wasn't that the part of the bird your mom threw out after the meal was done? Who knew there was a whole wing-eatin' culture up here?! (Though now they're popular nationwide). Unlike my romance, I like my wings mild. :P

  16. Oh my stars, what a day this has been.

    Pammers finaling in the GH...

    (Did I ever tell you about the time I entered FOUR (yes, 4, the number 4) things in the GH, the only time I entered, right before Winter's End sold and I was blown out of the water. Crashed. Burned. Boiled in oil. Not pretty. Sigh...)

    A BUNCH of our buds from Seekerville finaling!!!!

    And then Mary's RITA final....

    And then my daughter's OB gave her a clean good to go at 14 weeks along so we can announce another little "Herne" on the way late summer!

    Strong heartbeat, everything looks normal, and we're celebrating her in upstate for multiple reasons!

    Joy, I know, that's how I feel about the things but there's this pizza place called Caraglio's in HIlton and Greece and I actually like their wings. I don't know why except they taste great.

    And the new PIC!!!! Had to do it, whaddya think?????? Too old-ladyish? Cute? A-stinkin'-dorable????

    Faye, beautiful girl, thanks for comin' over! You rock, kiddo!

    And Renee Ann, I was by your site the other day and I don't think I had time to say anything but it's lovely and your reviews (the couple I got to) were solid. And doesn't the Hallmark Channel seem like the perfect outlet for so much of these beautiful stories??? I can totally see it there, mine included, but not just mine.

    Myra, M&M's for breakfast... Amazing. 'sall I'm saying. Really. And Casey, hug your mom for me, LOL! I'm glad I gave her a chuckle.

    And child bride.... Bless you, Cara, yup.... You and me both, chickie!

    Sigh....THE WORST THING ABOUT GETTING MARRIED IN THE SEVENTIES IS... WELL.... your wedding photos LOOK like you got married in the 70's.

    Really bad.

    What was the matter with us? What was wrong with traditional black for men?????


  17. Ruthy dear -

    You make me laugh. Fabu interview!

    And still waiting for Walmart to get this next book.


  18. Carol, do they have Missy's book A Family for Faith?

    Because she was number 5. And if they only get in 4, they won't have Missy's or mine.

    BUT... I just heard that some Walmarts are just putting them up now, so maybe....

    MAYBE.... you'll find it there yet!

    Don't they know what a delightful book it is???? And how much fun I had fixing everything for Trent and Alyssa because I love them SO MUCH??????

    Silly Walmart.

  19. No - they still have the same ones they had for the last several weeks - the March ones on the LI website. All 4 Walmarts I checked carry 6 LIs, 4 LIH and 4 LIS.

    Right now...
    Linda Goodnight - Place to Belong
    Gail Gaymer Martin - A Dad of His Own
    Lissa Manley - Family to the Rescue

    Those are the ones I know I've seen. None of the April ones are there :p.

    Rest assured I will keep trying ;).

    I'm quite certain it's a delightful book! And those men of Allegany County would have made this morning's thunderstorm that much more enjoyable.

    Gotta say though... Not a Tom Welling fan. But maybe that's because I tried watching Smallville and HATED it...

    Wednesday morning - once the kids are out the door for school and the 3yo is coherent... off to Walmart we will go!

  20. What a fun interview!! Ruth you are hilarious and it is wonderful to “meet” you!! Love who you picked to play Marc and Kayla – perfect, though I’d pick Jeter over Tom any day ;) *sigh* I would love to see your books on Hallmark and hope the good Lord will make a way! And I’m happy you think Kayla reflects you because I just loved her! Granted Winter’s End is the only book I’ve read of yours so far, but that’s about to change because of our dear friend Casey here!

    Casey, kind, sweet, incredibly thoughtful, Casey!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for sending me your copy of Waiting Out the Storm!!! What a wonderful, completely unexpected surprise and a great big smile just when I needed it :D I’m so excited to read more stuff from Ruth and you made it possible. Thank you, my friend, from the bottom of my heart :) And thank you for using my questions, too!

    May the Lord abundantly bless you both!!

  21. That's so AWESOME it got there already Amanda! Hope you enjoy reading it like I did. :) It was my PLEASURE to share it with you. :)


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