Friday, March 2, 2012

A "Finally Friday!" Post (Complete with Vlog)

Ah! Imagine this being me letting out a deep breath of relief. But I'll let my new vlog post speak for that.

Upside! It's FRIDAY and I've got some new ideas for the blog. I'd love your input and also my HUGE THANK YOU for sticking around during so many book reviews last month. I'm still trying to figure out this thing called a "blogging schedule" where I make myself only post three times a week


I'm trying again. Here's to sticking to it! :D

Looking forward to our conversations....

Friday's Note:
The winner of Mary Ellis' An Amish Family Reunion is...


Congrats, I hope you enjoy this new Amish addition. :-))


  1. I love Vlogs! They make me feel like I'm chatting with that blogger in person :)

    1. I agree Renee! Mine never turn out so good,but I love others!!

  2. BRILLIANT IDEA, Case, to incorporate Operation Encourage an Author into your current blog on a periodic basis!! The best of both worlds for you -- cutting back on something that consumes time and energy while still allowing a feature you have such a heart for -- encouraging authors!!!

    LOVE the vlog, my friend, but then I love you, so it's SO fun to see your sweet face!! :)


    1. It really is, Julie and something that hurt to come to that conclusion, but I'm NOT giving it up completely and that makes a world of difference. :-))

  3. I love your vlogs! :) Here's to sticking to your schedule. Thanks for making me smile today, Casey!

  4. And there are SO MANY today, everyone must do one on the first of the month. ;-) Thanks for taking the time to visit with me!

  5. You have one of the best blogs out there and it's always a pleasure to find out what's new!

    Love the birds on here! Makes me look forward to spring :)

    1. Ah, thank you Anne! I sure appreciate you, you've been visiting for a long time, so your comment means a lot to me.

      I love the birds too! Always makes me happy to visit my own blog. Ha!

  6. What fun to see your cheerful, friendly self on the vlog, Casey. Your enthusiasm and effervescence come shining through.

    Sound like you've got some great changes coming for your blog. I understand and applaud your choice to combine features of your two blogs into one.

    I gotta know. Is that your stamping/scrapbooking area behind you? I'm pretty sure I see some punches and other goodies.

    1. Thanks Keli! It'll be a good change, I think. Excited to implement it.

      Yes! It's my mom's desk and our scrapbooking central, she's been scrapbooking since I was a baby and it keeps growing as the family does. Punches and scissors above her desk and then the roll-a-ways with supplies are out of the shot. :)

  7. Casey, This is such a wonderful idea to combine/schedule, etc. I can sense your relief/excitement/joy/sense of fun:) You are so good on camera and it's almost as good as giving you a HUG:)

    1. YES to all those emotions, Laura. I never did get you on OEA, you'll have to be on here. :D

      Ha! I'm so glad you think so...this vlog was "it's-good-enough-not-going-to-keep-trying" kind of video. The light was all funny!

      But it works for a Friday. ;-)

  8. Great VLOG!!

    I was just thinking about creativity and chaos. How do we organize these wonderful environments that surround and are a part of this world He gave us? Why do I love structure and hate it?

    Language is mathematical, and our ideas free. With His guidance we pray to arrange our world rather like that scrapbooking so we display beauty in our lives and work.

    For me, whether you are once a week, three , four times a week is not as important as the way you lovingly cajole support for those who create in His honor. For me, you bring some order to a world of books that often provide more havoc. Like sweet sleep.

    So please relax, what ever you provide is food for this weary and hungry soul.

    As for trying...I believe your work to be an accomplishment. I work in a garden of daylilies as my 'second job'. Sometimes, the weather, the animals, the lack of water, too much...variables are just the right thing for the most beautiful flower that opens for one day (imagaine 250,000 of these). My imagination could not have created such beauty. Yet I try with my own work to do just that. My work being my waking day.

    And I enjoy and appreciate others that work to explore and experience a divine experience. Sometimes I need a guide. You are a great guide. When I come inside, weary, I am glad to end a day with a story that praises Him.

    So I remain one grateful blog and book reader whenever you appear.


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