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Conversation Friday: Three Things NEVER on Your Bucket List

ACFW registering.

That's the stuff of what my week was made of. And enjoyable stuff at that. ;-)

I haven't had a conversation post for too long. The next time I was going to do one, I had big plans to center it around a vlog post. 

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I took one look at my hang-to-dry-wild hair today and no. Yes, I admit I'm a bit vain. Sigh. 

So between plotting my next story (of which I'm sooo excited about!), I hope to jump in to hear your side of the computer conversation.

My latest story is all about the bucket list. What would you do if you knew you were going to die tomorrow?

But I'm going to turn the question on it's ear.

What three things will NEVER be on your Bucket List? Three things you will never, never, ever even think about attempting?

I'll start...

(are you crazy???)
Eat sushi.
(raw fish...shudderrr)
Rock climb 
(a mountain/cliff/boulder/the gravel in my driveway...)
(heights and the fear of plummeting to my death and I so don't get along)

There. I've laid it all out there for you. 

My squeamishness of touching a frog, girlish scream-dances at the sight of mice and the irrational fear of a rock-climbing-skydiving-sushi-eating future spouse that might very well want to sacrifice my life and limb on the alter of "having fun".

Can you tell I've spent too much time trying to figure out ways to torture my characters? 

What are three things that will NEVER be on your bucket list?


  1. I love Sushi!!! and I have always wanted to Sky dive! Don't think I would ever rock climb though.

    #1 on my list would be Bungi jumping!!!!! Crazy!
    and #2 would be anything to do with spiders - I have a very serious phobia of spiders.
    hmm don't know what else, if I think of something I will come back.

    1. Oh Wall, you and my mother would totally get along...

      Bungi jumping. Should have added that one to my list. Plummeting....oh my stomach just starts turning thinking about it! ;)

  2. Um, yes. Same as your three. And add bungee jumping to that as well.

    1. LOL, bungee jumping seems to be the concise non-answer around here.

  3. FUN!!

    -Bungee-jumping. I like my neck unsnapped, thank you very much.

    -Running for office. I actually like politics, but wouldn't have thick enough skin to actually run for anything.

    -Go to a boxing match. I do not and never will get the appeal.

    p.s. This post sorely tempted me to play "reverse psychology" on God...anytime I say I'll never do something, I tend to end up doing it. So, I was really tempted to name three things I actually want as things I'll never do. :)

    1. LOL, Melissa, you crack me up! All three things--and their reasons could be added to my list. Let the fear-phobics have their day in the sun! ;-)

      I'm loving the answers, gals!

  4. I'm totally with you on the sushi. Shudder.

    -Go to Alaska in the winter. I like keeping all my toes and fingers without losing them to frostbite, thank you very much.

    -Go deep sea fishing on a tiny boat. Um, too much can go wrong on a tiny boat. And I'm too impatient for fishing anyway.

    -Become a vegetarian. Sorry all you vegetarians out there, but this girl loves her meat!

    1. Lindsay, I was born in Alaska, and my parents have some coldddd stories!

      Deep sea fishing is pretty much a no, no matter HOW big the boat is, for this girl. ;)

      Oh, I knew I liked you! I'm the huge meat eater in my family. ;)

  5. Ditto to Skydiving and Rock climbing. We've all seen The Princess Bride, and I just KNOW somehow my rope will be cut and I'll have to do it 'old school' by hand. Yeah.
    But, I beg to differ on Sushi. I love it! Well, most of it. A few types have urged my stomach uncomfortably. Actually, the *best* kind is the Eel, Cucumber, Rice and Carrot one. OOH baby Good!! And I'd LOVE to run for Office. Like, totally. But, alas, I'm to honest to be a politician. ;-)

    Ok, my three things....

    Do anything with heights, Bungee, Skydive, or Rock Climb.

    Swim across the Gulf of Mexico.
    Ever seen them beasties that lurk below?

    Go to Africa. Or Egypt. Or The Rain Forest. Basically, nowhere hot and humid.

    Yep. There it is.

    1. Maybe you should run, Ashley. We need more honesty. :o)

      Seems heights is at the top of everyone's list! Glad we make such great company. ;)

  6. Wow-- everyone is posting such good things, I need to expand my list to at least 20 things I'll never do. :)
    But settling for 3, here I go:

    - Skydive. Unless I'm suicidal.
    - Fly on a plane that has less than 20 rows of seats. Flying home from ACFW last year through a thunderstorm was trauma enough for me on that tiny plane, and I think it had about 20 rows.
    - Scuba dive. I've seen Jaws.

    1. I keep thinking of new things to add too with all these comments, LOL!

      My mom really wants to skydive. DON'T ask me why. My dad says she can do it over his dead body. Can't you see the little old eighty year old woman doing that now? Not me!! LOL! ;-)

  7. Wow! All of yours would definitely be "no's" for me too Casey! Not a fan of any of those.

    My 3:
    1)Scuba Diving-all of that water over me? Ack! And I've seen all 4 JAWS movies!
    2)Walking out on that sky walk thing at the Grand Canyon. The thought just sends me into hyperventilation!
    3)Bungee jumping-the idea of jumping from some high spot and swinging by a rubber band by my feet has no appeal to me whatsoever.

    1. Shudder. I do NOT like heights. I was reading Susan May Warren's Baroness recently and just about got the hives from reading about Lilly wing-walking. On an airplane. As it flew through the air. Ahhhh, can't even go there. ;)

  8. Never say never. Sushi isn't all about raw fish-- I haven't been quite that brave either. My son taught English in Japan, and said his students liked to take him out to eat and see where he would draw the line. He said he drew it at eating live fish!

    And skydiving? if you're going to die tomorrow, what difference does it make? One day, at the most. I'd like to go out holding that feather, but I don't want to try it until the day before.

    Rockclimbing? safe enough if you're on belay. I suspect many of us would never do several other goofy things, but wait-- we've done them!

    1. Believe, I thought of that "never say never" phrase as I was writing this. Ha! :)

  9. Things NOT on my bucket list:
    1. Going to a barroom ever again. The dullest thing ever is being 'drug' to a barroom when you don't drink.
    2. Reading one of those popular atheist books for review purposes. (Another 'dull')
    3. Bullfighting. I'm afraid the bull would win. Or step on my foot. It's bad enough when sheep or goats step on my foot.

    1. With you on the bull fighting. I don't like wrangling out very (most of the time) docile cows. You and I can stay far, far, far away from that arena.


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