Friday, January 17, 2014

Change is in the Air

It's a brand new year. 


Fresh and new without being tainted, but can you just tell when change is around the
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corner? Maybe it's expected and wanted change, or maybe it's change that won't be very welcomed. It seems inevitable. 

I certainly hope that this new year brings some welcome and expected changes. I have prayed and committed my future towards that hopeful end, while also knowing hoped-for changes might not be in God's plan. 

Oh what a throat-lump to swallow.

It isn't what I like to dwell on...who really likes to think about what they will do if God shuts that door and says no? But there really doesn't need to be much "thinking" involved, does there? It's God's answer. Period. And He's got something better in store.

Several weeks ago I learned of some changing news. Nothing directly in my life, but the ripples of this change do make a difference to me. And I admit it: I gulped. Big time. Could I still do this? I wasn't sure. I mean, this change affected everything I had planned for the next several months. 

God, why do I have to try and figure this out on my own?

Yes. I stopped there. Hyperventilating and all, I paused. Did God tell me I was going to do this on my own?

Um. No

Does He expect me to do this project all on my own?

Um. No.

I think 2014 is bringing change. I don't know what yet or when it will happen, but it's coming. It'll be scary changes and yet oh-so-good changes. It'll involve growing pains and smiles of joy. But no matter what, good or bad, God knows what is happening. Here and now and ten minutes or ten months from now. 

Why do we as humans worry and fixate on that which we cannot control? Even if we could, why would we want to? Change is going to happen. It's only when we resist and fight our way into this change that it becomes the most painful. What we love and what we have is constantly in a state of flux. Children grow up and move away. Good co-workers come and go. People retire or change careers. Friends grow apart and life just...changes.

2014 is going to be full of changes. Good and bad. The question is: what do you intend to do about them? There's nothing you can do to stop them from coming, but instead maybe we need to be praising God for the moment we have and soak up every second of it. Instead of fighting the change that will surely bring good and not evil, just as His Word promises.


  1. I think we all have a fear of change in some degree or another. I've found that, even though they can be painful, or annoying, or scary, changes often serve as building blocks in our characters and lives.

    I truly hope this change in your life brings unexpected blessings, Casey. There have been some (minor) changes in my life recently, and one thing that has helped me tremendously is a book I'm currently reading: Choosing Gratitude, by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. I was skeptical at first, thinking it was a 'typical' self-help type of book, but upon reading only the foreword, my attitude and thoughts were already affected. (And I already felt I was a very grateful person.) I recommend this powerful mind-altering book. I know it will bless you.

    (Please know, I'm in no way presuming you're not a grateful person. lol)

    Here's to a new year, new experiences, and new opportunities for God to bless us--through the good, the bad, and the uncertain. ((hugs))

    1. I do appreciate and welcome the self-help books that truly make you think and that definitely sounds like one! I read another book by Moss several years ago about Biblical Womanhood and it was so good! I hope these changes bring much goodness, but I also know this is where God is opening the doors so I'm going to walk through those doors in faith. :)

  2. Loved this thought provoking post. Somedays it seems we need to tie a thread of scarlet around our finger as a visible reminder that Jesus is right there with us through all we go through.

    1. Yes, isn't that true?? I completely agree with you. So often I know I stray when I'm impatient, but all God is doing is preparing the way. :)

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  4. Your post reminds me of a saying: "the only constant is change." I hope the winds of change you feel blowing your way bring many blessings, Casey.

    1. So much truth in that, Keli. Praying for you, my friend. ((hugs))

  5. There have been times when I have been resistant to change - often, those that were job-related. As I aged - it became harder, and took longer, to learn new info. But now that I've been retired for several years - I can look back, and realize the changes were often a benefit, and working, itself, brought discipline to my life.

    Changes for me in 2014 COULD be huge, emotional, and grievous - my best friend, and 3 elderly family members are ill (some seriously), and I have health problems, also. But - I rest in the knowledge that God WILL be beside me, whatever happens, and will give me the needed strength, so I rejoice!

    Praying that 2014 will be fruitful, healthy, joyous, and peaceful, for you - with the knowledge that God is in control, and you need only to follow, Casey!

    1. Some years bring so many more harder changes, don't they? I'm sorry your facing changes like this, but I also know YOU know that God is walking this our right beside and while we live in a fallen world, we have a PERFECT eternity waiting for us. Hoping you have many moments of peace and happiness this coming year, my friend!

  6. You have a wonderful Blog!
    I hope 2014 brings wonderful changes for you!

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