Friday, September 5, 2014

Take a Second Look

Something I have learned: there is plenty of time for people watching when you are stuck in big city traffic.

I’m from a very, very small town in Eastern Oregon and I have moved to the very, very big city of Denver, Colorado. I’ve also learned my country boot clad lead foot, does not mix well with miles of backed up traffic all waiting for the same green light.

But anyway. That’s a complaint for another blog post about the absurdness of living in the city. ;-) God is force-feeding me the meaning of patience, of this, I am 100% certain. A little bit of sugar with the medicine, please God? Oh well…

Regardless, I have learned there is plenty of time for people watching, observation and chances to talk with God as He opens my eye to the world around me.

On the street corner, as I waited oh-so-(im)patiently, for my stop light to change, were two teen girls. Blonde and athletically built, they were obviously headed to or from some kind of sporting event. As I sat in my car, several yards away, I couldn’t help but wondering if they were aware just how immodestly they were dressed.

And I wondered—do we as girls realize the second looks we are getting from the world around us?

Yes. Yes. We do.

It’s why we stand for so long in our closets every morning and think about what we’re going to wear. Maybe even think about who we might run into and how we want to make an impression upon them. Yes, as girls, we do think about how we look and how we present the overall image.

But do we realize that the second looks we are getting, when we open ourselves up to less than modest dress, are not the God-honoring kind?

When I get a second look, I don’t want it to be because of how nice my jeans fit or the flattering cut of the blouse I chose, but because the spirit of Jesus Christ is pouring out of me. I was once told by someone—who had only known me a handful of hours, that I had a quiet, strengthening faith that impressed him.


I still savor those words over a year later. Because that is how I want to appear to those around me. Not by how short my shorts are, how long my legs look or how great that new shirt feels, but how much I love Jesus. And how very, very clear that is to everyone around me.

I want to give Jesus a second look when people see me.

I’m all for feeling pretty and attractive in my clothing choices. I like to feel good about how I look. But feeling good and looking great, always should take a back seat to everything else I want to be known for in Christ. I don’t want others to take a second look and stumble because of the clothing I’ve chosen to wear.

I want people to take a second look and say, “Wow, she loves Christ.”


  1. This is beautiful Casey, thank you so much for this post :) I love what noticing those around us can teach us, how God can use every day situations to grow our faith and make us stronger! I admit, even a few months ago, I dressed like everyone. It's only recently I've began my modesty journey (, but I'm learning so much and it's so amazing people are not just staring at me like a piece of meat!!! Not that I was particularly IM-modest, but certainly not as conscious as I am now. It's amazing how that person complimented you - what a beautiful kind word that encourages you for years to come!

    1. Stefanie, I have learned that there is a great peace and beauty in dressing modestly. I am ever so confident in who I am in Christ and my worth when I dress in such a way that I don't have to worry about what I'm wearing. You are an encouragement to those around you--including me! :)

      It's comments like those that truly make you realize just how much loving Jesus DOES shine through, even when you don't say a word. Thanks so much for coming by today. :)


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