Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Why Do You Write?

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I hope to generate a conversation today, so look for a shorter post and a fun time in the comment section. :-))

Why do you write?

I began writing in Junior High School and found I really loved putting words to paper and creating characters and situations.

But as I grew older in both life and the craft, I found it wasn't just entertainment, but because I honestly felt (feel) that God has put a need within me to write. And write for Him. 

Then there are the days I don't want to sit down at the keyboard. (today is one such day...) What makes me want to wrote THOSE days??

I think it comes down to the title of this blog. I know I don't talk about my writing much here, but it's my life. It's. What. I. Do.

It's what I do for the audience of ONE.

Can't say I always remember that though. ;-)

I write because I believe God wants me to. There is a peace of place when I know I am "write" where He wants me to be.

Why do you write?

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  1. What a beautiful article, thank you for sharing "why you write?"

  2. I write for similar reason I guess. I don't always put God in the equation. I do what feels right and good. It is mostly therapeutic for me.

  3. Do you read the Novel Matters blog? You are both talking about the same thing today and Bonnie's last paragraph about why she writes was super profound to me.

    Here's the link:

  4. To both understand who I am and let go of who I am at the same time.

    Heading to Novel Matters of my favorites!
    ~ Wendy

  5. I write because I feel like there is something missing when I don't. I realized maybe because writing as an act is fulfilling part of my calling.

    For instance I know a certain person was praying for my writing a few months ago...I started to realize that there was a void because writing if kept in balance was not simply having a hobby but part of my calling. Thank you, my friend, for encouraging me to continue writing.

    I love Wendy's answer here and I have to agree with that as well.

  6. TEA, thanks for stopping by to read it. ;-)

    SHANNON, I think that is true for many writers, it is very theraputic for them. Good to see you visit. :)

    KATIE, LOL! No, I don't read that blog. Hope no one thinks I'm copying. ;-)

    WENDY, your statements are always so profound and very true! Thank you for leaving a bit of yourself here today.

    JULIA, I know what you mean. It's those bursts of inspiration that always remind me why I LOVE this. It's the creative energy that goes into a new story. If I wasn't so serious about this though I probably wouldn't have the energy to go through with the editing. ;-)

  7. I know the editing process will be hard, I think you have a lot of bravery and I'm praying that God will give me the bravery when the time comes. I'm so proud of you, Casey :).

  8. JULIA, I think I do much better with my editing when I have goals. I have decided I want to hit page 200 by the end of July, which is about 74 more pages to edit. We'll see! It can be so daunting, until I remember to take it one bite at a time. :)

  9. Thanks for sharing Casey, beautiful post.
    I write as a way to escape into a different world. I've always had this urge to write even when I was- I have no clue how old, maybe since I could spell more than a handfull of words! I was always writing. I write mostly for myself, and pray about the future. But lately, as I said earlier I do it to escape everyday drama, as a way to relax. Let go of some stress. I don't really know how to explain it. But that's why I write.

  10. And that right there, FAYE, is an excellent reason to write. ;-) What do you like to write??

  11. I write because I want to reach others with the words, especially children and teens. I loved reading as a child and as a nurse I have experienced the lack of material for children that guide them in this modern world. I believe that God directs me and I pray it is so, but I know I also get in the way. Thanks for posting the question, it is always good to stop and ask yourself why you are doing what it is you are doing.


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