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Hello my friends!

Long time no blog, eh? :-)

I'm so excited to let you know I have created a brand spankin' new site. Colorful and bright and begging to be visited by my dear and faithful friends here from Writing for Christ. 

Please visit: 

For brand new content and an invitation to step into this wild and wonderful and daring adventure of life that God is calling to live to the absolute fullest. 

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Let's adventure together. 

Friday, February 27, 2015

Closing My Doors--For a Season

I started blogging 4 1/2 years ago. 

Almost 5 years of putting my thoughts, promoting my favorite authors, and reviewing books all on this blogger platform. 

Words that were delivered to your screen.

They carried my heart. 

They carried my passion. 

They were my passion. 

Five years is a long time. 

I have loved every. single. minute. of. it. 

I wouldn't change or exchange any of those 1,000+ blog posts for anything. 

I've grown. 

You've watched me grow up. 

You: my readers. My friends. 

But reality has hit me with harsh winter coldness. I can't keep up. I can't maintain this site. I feel it falling down like a tired roof that has gone too long between repairs. 

A huge, huge part of me thinks I can make this work. I can work harder. Stay up later. Get less sleep. Skip more social events. Anything to keep my doors open. 


I can't. 

I'm doing a disservice to you, my faithful readers. I'm doing a disservice to me, whose standards are so much higher than I have been able to reach in recent months. 

And truthfully, I'm tired. My words aren't as full. My devotionals lacking--even failing to feed myself--the main audience I write them for. I'm unable to truly monitor my giveaway schedule and calendar. Right now I don't have the right words from God to share on this site, and others can say through their platform what might be on my soul, so much better. 

I'm too serious about making a schedule work on my blog to simply let things slide to the wayside. And I have. And it's shown. Here on the blog and in my personal life as I try to make everything work and fit and happen. 

This is far from good-bye for good, because I do not plan for it to be so. I still love blogging. It's still too much of my heartbeat to say this is it. So it's not. 

But I want to cultivate dying friendships. 

I want to become more involved with the community I've made here in Colorado. 

I want to become more invested in my Virtual Assistant work to authors. 

I want to play with my own novels once again after nearly two years separate.

I want to read. 




I want 2015 to be the year that I stopped. Realized my passions and chased after them. Or if not, then I want 2015 to be the year I'm rejuvenated and re-acquainted with dreams and passions I've put aside--or tried to make fit when the time just wasn't there. 

I love authors. Promoting them is my heartbeat in so many ways. I want to run full force into serving those around me and I can't do that the way I want to in my current commitments. 

You'll still see me around should you care to. I'll be blogging the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month on Wonderfully Woven and every other Friday on The Writer's Alley, not to mention several guests posts throughout the coming year. 

I'll be back.

This is not farewell. And it's far from good bye. 

This just a season. A moment in time of resting. Of learning what I'm passionate about again. 

Its exciting. 

And heartbreaking. 


But a good, good thing. Don't go too far away, okay? I'll be back. And I don't plan to fall out of touch. 

You mean too much to me.  

Thank you for these five years. I'm excited to see what is around the next bend in the road. 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Go the Other Way

Casey here: you know how there are some people you meet and they just become instantly family? My friend Mary Agius, is one of these people. A fellow writer in Colorado Springs, I met her at an ACFW chapter meeting. You could say we connected over our mutual ability to snark and sass. I do love this woman. And her heart. And...and...and. I think you'll love her just as much as I do. I hope you enjoy her guest post today. :)

“Go the other way, dummy.”

These were the words that were spewed at my friend and I as we walked the mall one morning.

You see, the problem was, we were going the wrong way. At least according to that crotchety, old man.

Apparently there are unofficial “rules” to mall walking and the hardcores take them very seriously. But my friend and I? We specialize in doing things differently.

After a bout of cold weather, our daily walks had to be moved indoors, thus the mall walking. But the indoor mall doesn’t compare to beautiful Colorado scenery. So, after a short time, we grew bored and decided to try something new.

The regulars all walk counter clockwise, hugging the wall on their right - the same way we drive. So, even though there are no rules to do this, most people just follow suit, Why? Because apparently, that’s just the way it’s done.

So, for fun, we decided to go the opposite way? Why not? Except that you then walk straight at people. Most of them were pretty good natured and just laughed as we zigged around each other. Even a man with major arm muscles pushing his wheelchair.

Everyone except that one man.

As I contemplated his sentiments, I wondered why he would be so upset. What I came up with is this - he has small world syndrome. When we didn’t go with the flow, we caused a ripple in his life.

To me, he typified the world. Everyone is supposed to go this way, think this way, act this way. It’s just the way it’s done.

What happens when someone goes against the flow? Someone doesn’t think like them, talk like them, or act like them? It rocks their small world.

But the Bible says, do not be conformed to the world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. In other words, don’t just do whatever the world is doing. Go the other way.

When you do, a transformation happens.You see things you didn’t see before.You see the everyday things in a new light. As the verse above says, your mind is made new.

And with that fresh perspective, you have an opportunity to run into people and interact with them. When you do, be kind. Make their running in to you the best part of their day.

Sadly, as surely as the sun comes up, there will always be the others - those ready to oppose you for doing things differently.

But if Jesus could ask his heavenly father to forgive those who crucified him by saying, they know now what they do. We certainly can let go of being called a dummy by those lost in a small world.

Then stop and pray for them. Who knows what can happen when you do.

Today, cause a ripple in the flow. Choose to go the other way.

About Mary

I love the intricate beauty and fine detail of stained glass windows. The craftsman must have both the artistic skill to make a workable design and the creative perspective to fit those intricate pieces together. The beauty of each piece is highlighted by the selection of colors and style chosen, and that distinct variation makes each window panel a unique piece of art.

When put in place, the stained glass filters the light, shapes it and colors it in a multitude of ways.

God, the ultimate craftsman, has a unique design for each of us. The colored components that make me, me, are different than that the components that make you, you. But, the same Light illuminates the beauty of the design and tells a story through us.

Some of the hues and colors in my unique design are

Food fan. Wife of a crazy in love with me man. Wannabe gardener. COFFEE & DARK CHOCOLATE CONSUMER. Believer in walking, talking therapy. Crazy night time dreamer. Homeschool graduate mom. ADD brain struggler. Part time blogger. Sometimes known as Mild Mannered Missionary Mary.  SIMPLE SERVANT OF THE MOST HIGH GOD. Word of God lover.

I see the Master Craftsmans hand in every area of my life. He is muchlike the lead frame that holds the colors of my stained glass life together. Sometimes, my mind nearly combusts to take it all in. And that is why I write.

Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and mighty things you do not know.”  Jeremiah 33:3

I desperately long to know the God of great and mighty things. And write His words. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Giveaway! Where Rivers Part by Kellie Coates Gilbert

Welcome to Writing for Christ Kellie Coats Gilbert!, it is great to have you here! So you’re a writer? What made you decide to start creating characters and story world?

I spent a lot of time in courtrooms working on high profile cases, including the Jack-in-the-Box e-coli litigation in the mid-nineties and the largest cattle fraud case in the United States.  People are often at their most vulnerable in these tense situations where much is at stake, and I gained a unique perspective on the human psyche.  Early in my writing career, I recognized there could be value in telling stories about women facing relationship fractures, betrayal, and loss and what it looks like to exhibit strength and dignity in these journeys.

I am meant to write stories for women that focus on relationships, and the deep places in life. People have many layers, and never more than in family dynamics and hard times. I’m intrigued with the coping mechanisms we employ to fill our empty places—that space inside of us designed to be inhabited by God. These are the stories of my heart.

What is the one title that has significantly impacted your life?

In the seventh grade, I read two books that scared the wads out of me. One was Mr. and Mrs. Bo Jo
Jones, about a high school aged couple who did not follow God’s precepts for sexual activity. The girl ended up pregnant and they wed, far too early and with dire consequences. The other book was called Go Ask Alice, a first person narrative of a girl who became a drug addict. Both of these books caused me to make wise choices for myself to avoid the consequences depicted in the books.
That’s the power of fiction, I believe—when a story nestles deep within your spirit and changes how you think.

If you could get a do-over when it came to learning this whole thing called writing, what would you go back and tell yourself?

I would tell myself not to get caught up in the thrill of getting a book published, but instead to educate myself and focus on what was necessary in order to build my publishing career.

5 preference questions:

Homemade or take-out?     Take-out
Email or snailmail?   Email
Online shopping or Black Friday deals?         Online shopping
Books or movies?    Duh….books!
Note-taker or memorization?            Note taker
Yes, I’m asking you to play favorites…which of your books is your favorite, published or unpublished? And if this is your debut novel, has your favorite been published yet?

My debut novel, published by Abingdon Press in 2012, will always be my heartsong. MOTHER OF PEARL features a mother who learned too late that her daughter was making bad choices that put her in danger. I still get weekly emails from readers telling me they cried buckets and could not put the story down, which were my exact emotions while writing the book.  

Places for readers to learn more about you?

My website is a great place to hang out. Readers can find out about my books, of course, but also take part in a new feature—my monthly contest for fabulous giveaways.  There are links to all my social media sites (I love PINTEREST!) and a sign-up for Kellie’s Readers Club! 

Thank you for being with us today! 

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Is He Single? (take 2)

Hello readers, I originally wrote this post and hit publish without truly taking the time to fully edit, and I was not happy with the results. Unfortunately, once it hits the internet, there really isn't much you can do to pull something back. So if you're getting a second email from me today, I apologize, but I think you'll enjoy this post better. It communicates the humor I failed to nail in my first attempt. Always a mold-able pot on the Potter's wheel!

*A funny parody into an often-times frequent phrase that runs through my head. Though nothing more than a giggle for your day--because who doesn't love a laugh?* :)

You’ve probably heard me say this if you’re a close friend or have read my blog: there is comedy in being single. 

A single girl always has plenty of room for a bit of help--often coming in the form of plenty of friends wanting to look out for her in the terms of well, blind dates and blind hookups. (answer me single ladies, can there be anything more awkward? And yet potential for soo much comedy!) To be completely honest with you: I really don't mind being set up. A chance to get to know someone else? Yes, please! Sometimes you have things in common, sometimes you don't and most of the time it doesn't go anywhere--which is fine, because really, isn't it nice to know there is hope for those of us waiting patiently? The more Christian guys I meet, the more impressed I become with those out there. And truly, they'll bless some great girls.

Buuuuuuttttt, sometimes I get myself in trouble. Like recently when a group of friends were talking about a certain guy—what would seem to be a potentially eligible bachelor, I of course, being single and unable to keep my mouth shut, piped up and asked “so is he single?”

Yeah, he actually wasn’t. ***awkward***

That would be me. The one to stick her foot in her mouth. But it made ya laugh, right? Okay, I'll go back to my work now. 

It’s an interesting conundrum being single. It can produce unnecessary drama. (can I get an amen?) Explain plenty of giggles between close girl friends and often needless hours of Facebook stalking. *ahem* (I have not done either of these things at all.) ((I'll let you decide if that was sarcasm or not))

It’s a fun question to ponder and one that often gets me into so much trouble. And usually about the time I go to ask the “is he single” all important question—I find out, he’s not. Hmm. Maybe I just need to stop asking the question. Think that’s been my problem? I highly doubt it.

There are certain benefits to being single that can’t be enjoyed when you’re married. And there are many positives to marriage that we can't see or fully understand as being single. So why worry about what's yet to happen around the corner. We're here now. I plan to find the joy now in being single. Because really, I only get this season of my life once. 

All manipulation and fun and games aside (because really, let's be 100% serious here: God is not going to honor any form of manipulation. Period), questions about someone’s marital status aside, desires to rope a guy—er, be wed, aside sometimes you just have to pause in the hunt. Sometimes you just have to stop over thinking and wondering and dreaming and just laugh. Just enjoy the awkwardness. The potential. The camaraderie that only comes from the goofiness of this part of our lives.

We only get it once. Let's enjoy getting to know the people around us. Find the humor in everyday living (your health will thank you for it if you have daily laughs. This is a proven fact...somewhere. I'll let you look it up). Because single guy or not aside, you just might make a new friend. I know have! And that's not something that comes around very often. 

It’s a great thing being single.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Giveaway! Paper Hearts by Courtney Walsh!

Welcome to Writing for Christ Courtney Walsh, it is great to have you here! So you’re a writer? What made you decide to start creating characters and story world?

Gosh, honestly, I think I’ve always sort of been a creator of characters, though I used to focus primarily on creating characters for the stage. When my husband transitioned out of music ministry into Children’s ministry I saw what it looked like for someone to really be walking in their gifts, doing what they were called to do. I wanted that—so I prayed about it and asked God what I was supposed to do…and the answer came back pretty clearly: Write.

What is the one title that has significantly impacted your life?

Aside from The Bible, there are several…mostly movies. Anne of Green Gables taught me to imagine, Dead Poets Society taught me to find my voice and use it and also to seize the day…and Good Will Hunting taught me that even two kids from Boston could write a story that changes people. That movie made me want to do the same.

If you could get a do-over when it came to learning this whole thing called writing, what would you go back and tell yourself?

Not to panic. Or to worry so much about whether or not every single person who reads my books will like them. I’m learning that when you’re an artist/writer/person who creates, you aren’t meant to please everyone. Your work doesn’t resonate with all 4 billion people on the planet. And that’s okay. God has a very special path and a special message we’re each telling with our own life. You never know who it’ll impact and how they need to receive the message.

5 preference questions:

Homemade or take-out? Oh my goodness. Take-out. Preferably Panera or Chipotle.
Email or snailmail? I would LOVE to say snailmail for sentiment but E-mail wins the day for convenience
Online shopping or Black Friday deals? Online shopping in my pjs!!
Books or movies? BOTH!
Note-taker or memorization? Note taker and doodler. I find I think better with a pen in my hand!

Yes, I’m asking you to play favorites…which of your books is your favorite, published or unpublished? And if this is your debut novel, has your favorite been published yet?

Well, A Sweethaven Summer will always hold a special place in my heart because it was my first, but the whole experience of writing Paper Hearts and allowing my own story to filter in to the work makes it my new favorite! J

Places for readers to learn more about you?
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/courtneywalshwrites
Twitter: https://twitter.com/courtney_walsh

Thank you for being with us today!

Thank YOU for having me!! :- )

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Friday, February 6, 2015

Can I Just Change the Landscape? Let's Just All Dourt--Part 2

I started this impromptu series last week with a challenge that we stop bashing courting AND dating and letting everyone redefine those terms--which I think has left much margin for error in what those terms truly mean and many heated (but necessary) posts around the internet. So I propose a change. Something called "dourting".

I’ll define “dourting” in a quick one phrase summary: “a chance for two people, of the opposite sex, to meet, get to know the other without the pressure of a ‘ring by spring’ mentality at the end, in a safe, comfortable environment for both parties with clear boundaries set in place, but an understanding of truly getting to know this person that you may end up committing yourself to.”

When you dig into the layers of what “dourting” is, it’s really just a combined method of both courtship and dating. Thus the name.

Here’s my terms for it:

I don’t believe in arranged marriages by my parents.

I do believe that our parent’s wisdom and discernment in these situations is vital. Out of respect to them and my heart’s desire, I want anyone I “date” to talk to my dad first. No, this is not my parent’s ultimate decision. It is my life, but I am still under my father’s headship until the day I marry.

I don’t believe in never holding hands, kissing or spending time alone (eg: restaurant, public place, etc).

I do believe that a couple needs to be careful, aware that other’s are watching and their lives and relationship together is an example and witness. Everyone has personal convictions on the above mentioned topics. Personally, I will be saving my first kiss until at least after my engagement.

I don’t believe in dating for the sake of dating.

I do believe in getting to know someone within very loose confines that some may call “dating”, but I consider an opportunity to know if this person is someone to get to know more seriously.

I don’t believe that all “dating” or “courting” is a serious debate on theology, parenting or values.

I do believe that those things are vital and incredibly important. However, you’ll be doing life with this person full time should you decide on marriage. Thus, you need to know: do you have the same interests, similar hobbies or passions? In your free time are your desires mutually compatible?

This only truly scratches the surface of what it means to get to know someone—the person you could be spending the rest of your life with. And honestly, I won’t know most of it until I actually start the process.

But the #1 truth that should always surround every relationship whether it’s courtship, dating or dourting?


Praying together. Praying separately. That He would be working in your hearts. That you would be 
open to His discernment and wisdom.

If this is not the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with, they are someone else’s spouse. And their heart and emotions should be taken into consideration in every part of this journey. Just as yours should. And keeping your heart and mind aligned with God’s is the only way to truly succeed at something like this.

It’s a dicey subject anymore in Christian circles. We seem to be stumbling around in the dark with a white cane with a red tip. It doesn’t have to be. It doesn’t have to be a complicated, hyperventilating inducing, one-size-fits-all kind of model.

In fact, I have to admit my hackles come up just a bit when one person or side picks a fight against the other. Every method is not going to work for every person.

But the point remains strong. A relationship should be so devoted to Christ’s best interest for the other party that in their being together—as friends—as potential mates—in any situation, they reflect Christ and His love for the church.

Everything else? It’s petty arguments and technicalities. The standards that rise above all others? 
Those are the ones we never back down from.

Do you have an opinion on the whole dating/courting/dourting concept? 

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