Friday, February 13, 2015

Is He Single? (take 2)

Hello readers, I originally wrote this post and hit publish without truly taking the time to fully edit, and I was not happy with the results. Unfortunately, once it hits the internet, there really isn't much you can do to pull something back. So if you're getting a second email from me today, I apologize, but I think you'll enjoy this post better. It communicates the humor I failed to nail in my first attempt. Always a mold-able pot on the Potter's wheel!

*A funny parody into an often-times frequent phrase that runs through my head. Though nothing more than a giggle for your day--because who doesn't love a laugh?* :)

You’ve probably heard me say this if you’re a close friend or have read my blog: there is comedy in being single. 

A single girl always has plenty of room for a bit of help--often coming in the form of plenty of friends wanting to look out for her in the terms of well, blind dates and blind hookups. (answer me single ladies, can there be anything more awkward? And yet potential for soo much comedy!) To be completely honest with you: I really don't mind being set up. A chance to get to know someone else? Yes, please! Sometimes you have things in common, sometimes you don't and most of the time it doesn't go anywhere--which is fine, because really, isn't it nice to know there is hope for those of us waiting patiently? The more Christian guys I meet, the more impressed I become with those out there. And truly, they'll bless some great girls.

Buuuuuuttttt, sometimes I get myself in trouble. Like recently when a group of friends were talking about a certain guy—what would seem to be a potentially eligible bachelor, I of course, being single and unable to keep my mouth shut, piped up and asked “so is he single?”

Yeah, he actually wasn’t. ***awkward***

That would be me. The one to stick her foot in her mouth. But it made ya laugh, right? Okay, I'll go back to my work now. 

It’s an interesting conundrum being single. It can produce unnecessary drama. (can I get an amen?) Explain plenty of giggles between close girl friends and often needless hours of Facebook stalking. *ahem* (I have not done either of these things at all.) ((I'll let you decide if that was sarcasm or not))

It’s a fun question to ponder and one that often gets me into so much trouble. And usually about the time I go to ask the “is he single” all important question—I find out, he’s not. Hmm. Maybe I just need to stop asking the question. Think that’s been my problem? I highly doubt it.

There are certain benefits to being single that can’t be enjoyed when you’re married. And there are many positives to marriage that we can't see or fully understand as being single. So why worry about what's yet to happen around the corner. We're here now. I plan to find the joy now in being single. Because really, I only get this season of my life once. 

All manipulation and fun and games aside (because really, let's be 100% serious here: God is not going to honor any form of manipulation. Period), questions about someone’s marital status aside, desires to rope a guy—er, be wed, aside sometimes you just have to pause in the hunt. Sometimes you just have to stop over thinking and wondering and dreaming and just laugh. Just enjoy the awkwardness. The potential. The camaraderie that only comes from the goofiness of this part of our lives.

We only get it once. Let's enjoy getting to know the people around us. Find the humor in everyday living (your health will thank you for it if you have daily laughs. This is a proven fact...somewhere. I'll let you look it up). Because single guy or not aside, you just might make a new friend. I know have! And that's not something that comes around very often. 

It’s a great thing being single.


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