Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Will There Ever Be the Day Every Word Will Be Written??

Rachelle Gardner recently left this tweet: Will there ever come a day when every movie has been made, every song has been sung, every book has been written?

Being the thinker I tend to be, my mind instantly started chewing over this thought.

Is it possible?

Could it really happen that everything be written that could possibly be written someday?

After all, there are no new plots. We all are variations of each other in our writings, and all ultimately lead back to the Bible, the origin of all plots ever dreamt.

But could Rachelle's thought have a grain of truth and every song, sung? Ever movie made? Ever word written?

And my answer...?


Not as long as man kind walks on this earth. Each and every person is unique. If I had given this post to five other bloggers and asked them to answer it, I would have gotten 5 completely different posts. Maybe the same answer, but no one could write this post like I can.

We can become discouraged when it comes to our writing. Someone else is writing a story like that or a book just hit the market that sounds just like our story and we want to give up. I mean, why keep going when that venue has already been exhausted?

But the thing is...NO ONE can tell your story like YOU. You have a creative force and a drive to write this story or sing this song or make this movie for whatever reason and it doesn't matter what the market is doing, it's a matter of what YOU are driven to create.

The comforting thing with creating something is it can NEVER be exhausted. Yes, there might come a time when opportunities will dry and fail to be viable, but do YOU believe in what you are doing?

Then continue. Press on. Don't quit. Because no one is like you. No one can do exactly what you are doing.

Take comfort in that knowledge. When opportunities seem to be darkening and you want to quit, remember no one else can write this story.

And someone has to tell it. It might as well be you.

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  1. Very encouraging, thank you.

  2. Great post! I don't believe that everything will ever be written that could ever be written on this earth. But it sure get's harder to be original sometimes!

  3. What a beautiful, inspiring post, Casey! :) A great reminder for all of us!

    The idea that we're each unique and God has a unique purpose for each of us...well, it just feels like a hug, doesn't it? :)


  4. TEA, thanks for stopping by!

    FAYE, I know exactly what you are saying, it can be hard to be original, but that is when we just have to write and write what is on our heart and worry about being original during the editing. :)

    AMBER, oh I completely agree!

  5. The answer is No, but it isn't that important. We enjoy listening to similar songs and reading similar books because they make us comfortable with their familiarity. Asking for something new all the time is like asking a woman and man not to get married, because it already been done many many times before. But each marriage is unique, even thought the concept itself is very old. Best wishes from Canada.

  6. GLORIA, you have made an excellent point. And if you take this another angle and look at it from the marriage perspective, no two couples are exactly alike. Nothing we do will ever match exactly what someone else has done. It can't be repeated.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts today!!

  7. You are welcome, and a small correction Casey. My name is GIORA, a male name from the holy land. I was born in the same land like the One that you write for him. Have you been there?


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