Friday, October 24, 2014

Pray for Me

The curtains are drawn and the room is dark. The house is still and only a shaft of moonlight is filtering through the slit in my bedroom curtains.

I close my eyes and my mind inevitably drifts.

What will he look like?

Where will I first run into him?

Have I already run into him?

What will our kids looks like?

What will our lives together look like?

Is he really out there?

Usually these questions don’t tumble long before I turn back to my true Bridegroom and commit this desire rooted so deep within my heart, and pray for my future husband—whoever this man is.

I pray for his faith. For his courage in the face of the world’s challenges and moral depravity. I pray that God would be strengthening him and guiding him every step of his way to the day our lives join together. I pray he would be the spiritual leader of our home and a man that will only draw me closer to God every day of our lives.

I’ve been doing this for years—the prayers changing and morphing the older and more mature in Christ I have grown. Changing with the more guys I have met and learned just more clearly what I hope to find in my own “Mr. Right”.

And one thing I hope he does, more than anything else?

I hope he prays for me.

I hope (and have even prayed a time or two) that God would lay me on his heart and he would be committing me and my growth, our future together, into the Lord’s hands. I hope that every once in a while, he pauses in his day and thinking about the woman he will someday marry, whisper a prayer to God, that He would be teaching and growing me. Protecting me. Guarding my heart and preparing me to come wholly pure to this man.

Dear husband, please, please pray for me.

When I think about the man I want to spend the rest of my life with, one image comes to my mind: that he would love me, second only, to how much he loves the Lord. That his relationship with his Lord and Savior would shine forth from him.

To think about spending the rest of my life with this man?


To think about meeting this man and knowing he has spent just as much time praying for me as I have spent praying for him?


A gift from God I can only pray for.

It’s not all about the girl finding the right guy. It’s the guy finding the right girl as well. It’s a lifetime commitment between two people. Sometimes I think, as single girls, we forget it’s just as much about him as well. The right one is waiting to find you as well.

So pray that he’s praying for you.

Then wait for that one man that has been. 


  1. I remember those prayers while I was waiting for Mr. Right. I've now been married for 33 years and counting. I started praying for my 2 children's spouses from the day they were born. My daughter has been married almost 8 years and my son is planning on proposing to his girlfriend on Christmas.

    1. I read a beautiful post recently, Gail, about a mother who prays for her children's future spouse's mom as she is raising those children. An absolutely beautiful post. I am so happy for your children and as a single girl, I thank you for what you have poured into your children to make those the godly people that they are. Gives the rest of us hope! :)

  2. This reminds me of the song by Rebecca St James. Have you heard it? "Wait for me as I wait for you"

    1. Yes! I hadn't heard it for years until a friend reintroduced me to it just recently. It's a fantastic song. As is the artist who sings it.

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