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2013 ACFW Genesis Semi-Finalist (Romantic Fiction category)

Is love merely the stuff of a hopeless romantic’s novel habit, or is there really a happily-ever-after promise at the end of every diamond ring?

Addie Smythe is a hopeless romantic with the perfect white dress and only one problem: she hasn’t met her Mr. Right, much less fallen in love with him. In love with love (and novels—plenty of novels) she launches Novel Ends, her new-to-her bookstore, until the last person on earth she'd expect to notice all of her five-foot glory walks through the door, and seems ready to fulfill her dreams of Mr. Tall, Dark, Handsome -- and Perfect.

Levi Shraven has always loved one girl: Addie Smythe. Problem is Addie sees him as the oh-so-handy Mr. Fixit – the guy who repairs her generator and the fluorescent lights of her new bookstore. How can Levi tell Addie how he feels when he knows she deserves someone so much better than him? Someone who can allow himself to trust his heart to love and not fear loss. Maybe it would be best to fix Addie up with his best friend Andy, who is smitten with Addie too.

Where good intentions and somewhere-over-the-rainbow dreams collide, can two hearts survive and find the meaning of faithful love without settling? Or is happily-ever-after only found between the pages of a romance novel?

A novel of waiting and placing dreams in the Ultimate Romantic, With this Dream encourages every hopeless romantic to listen for God's whispered promise – and to commit every dream to Him.


2012 ACFW Semi-Finalist (Contemporary Fiction category)
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True love only knocks once. What happens if you answered too soon…do second chances come twice?

Ellie doesn't take risks on love, especially after the death of her too-young husband. How can she allow herself a second chance, when she never learned to love the first gift entrusted to her in the form of her now deceased husband? She doesn’t deserve a second chance.

But love won’t take a back seat twice.

Braden has lived his life caring for others after a failed promise turned his dreams on their side. But after caring for a man dying too young, Braden finds a surprise chance at love, except—a “good man” wouldn’t love the widow of the man she just buried.

Can Ellie and Braden accept their past mistakes and learn to love once again—no matter the cost, the matter the risks?

A novel of healing and second chances, With Every Remembrance of You, takes every broken promise, every shattered dream and breathes God-graced hope back into our people-smudged mistakes.


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2011 My Book Therapy Frasier Finalist

If you could go back in time, what would you change?

Jenna Hutch knows what she would. Go back to the night that destroyed her marriage before it even started. Go back to that night when she broke her vow, the night she turned into the person she promised herself she would never be. And when the reminders of yesterday come knocking on the door of today, will Jenna stand up and face her mistakes or turn and run to the only thing that makes sense at the moment?

A marriage on the brink, a love-child from another relationship, and a mysterious woman who binds all the secrets together.

Releasing Yesterday is the poignant story of secrets, forgiveness and the power of faith that could tie a family together or completely crumble it to its knees.


  1. I know I already told you this but - wow! Love it!


  2. I can't wait to read (Releasing Yesterday. It sounds Great! I was wondering what program did you use to create your Pitch Sheet?


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