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I don't know about you, but I have an overflowing stack of books I've read...but I only have so much room on my shelves, thus I have to be judicious with my space. Thus, my idea for a permenant place of residence in my own personal bookstore-swap.

Below you will find a list of books I have available to swap.

And a list of books I am currently out on the hunt.

This list will change as I have new books to add to both lists.

See something you would like? Email me: caseym (.) writer (@) gmail (.) com

If you have a title I want, please let me know! If you don't, maybe you have an idea for something you think I would like, please still email me and we can talk.

Because of shipping costs I must prohibit that I ship to U.S. addresses only.

Leave a comment with your lists if you want and be sure and leave your email! You never know what treasures you might unearth. ; -))

Available for SWAP:

White Picket Fences by Susan Meissner
A Broken Kind of Beautiful by Katie Ganshert (ARC)
A Stillness of Chimes by Meg Moseley
A Fall of Marigolds by Susan Meissner

Currently SEARCHING For:
Love Letters in the Sand by DiAnn Hunt
Ruby's Slippers by Leanna Ellis
Letters from War by Mark Schultz
Piece de Resistance by Sandra Byrd
A Duke's Promise by Jamie Carie
The Forgiven Duke by Jamie Carie
Mending Places by Denise Hunter
Paths of Freedom by Jennifer Hudson Taylor
A Plain Scandal by Amanda Flower
Poison by Jordyn Redwood
Dangerous Passage by Lisa Harris
For Such a Time by Ginny Aiken
A Most Peculiar Circumstance by Jen Turano
A Talent for Trouble by Jen Turano
Talon: Combat Tracking Team by Ronie Kendig
Victim of Grace by Robin Jones Gunn
When the Clouds Roll By: Until We Meet Again by Myra Johnson
Seeking Purity by Laura Ford
Sex and the Single Christian Girl by Marian Jordan Ellis
The Beauty of Broken by Elisa Morgan
A Beauty So Rare by Tamera Alexander
Beowolf by Ronie Kendig
The Captive Maiden by Melanie Dickerson
Dancing with Fireflies by Denise Hunter
Fair Play by Deeanne Gist
Lip Reading by Harry Kraus
Mark of Distinction by Jessica Dotta
The Midwife by Jolina Petersheim
Raptor Six by Ronie Kendig
Seeking Purity by Laura Ford
A Table by the Window by Hillary Manton Lodge
Test of Faith by Christa Allan
Until I Found You by Victoria Bylin
While Love Stirs by Lorna Seilstad

Thank you! I look forward to chatting more. : -))

I am also a member of Paperback swap. Feel free to look me up!


  1. Great idea, Casey! Also, just a suggestion, but have you considered

    I use that site a lot.

    Hope you're having a good week! : )

  2. Hi Michelle! Yes, I have heard of that site, but I've found I really enjoy doing this more. :-)) Hope you're doing great too!

  3. Thanks for thinking of me. I don't need any that you have or have any that you want.... :O( Good idea though.

  4. I'm on paperbackswap too, but it seems like it takes so long to get books I want.

    I'm looking for:
    The Dashwood Sisters Tell All and/or Jane Austen Ruined My Life by Beth Pattillo

    Anything by Laura Frantz

    Getting into Character by Brandilyn Collins

    The Silent Governess by Julie Klassen

    And any new mainstream YA titles.

    I have plenty of Christian Fiction to trade, too much to list here. I'll keep an eye on the list to see if I own something someone wants.

  5. I will check back here often to see what you have and what you're looking for. : )

  6. DIANE, thanks for taking a look! Maybe there will be a match in the future. :)

    JOY, great titles! Wish I had something to trade at the time, but maybe soon...

    MICHELLE, :-))) !

  7. What a neat idea! I am also on paperbackswap but at times it does take a long time to get a book that one is looking for. I will check back on list. I do have a few from your list that I haven't read yet so will see if you are still looking for them when I finish reading them.


  8. I agree with all of the comments about Paperback Swap - it's amazing how many books are available through them but so seldom are they the ones I am seeking. There is a shortage of Christian fiction available there.

    I'm glad you decided to do this, Casey. I had actually been thinking about dong something of this nature myself but hesitated to take it on due to the amount of time I thought it might require. So, I am glad you beat me to it! :)

    I too will keep my eyes open for anyone who may be seeking titles I have available to swap. I have increased my collection by over 125 books in just the past three months so I am running out of room also. This will be a great way to assure that the books go to someone who will enjoy and appreciate them. In fact, I MAY have a couple of the titles that you are looking for and will get back to you on that as soon as I can find a spare moment.

    Jan Marie

  9. Jan, this feature actually takes very little of my time once I got the list up. And I like the personal way I can take care of the swap. :) Sounds great, would love to hear from you! :-))

  10. A great idea! I am out of town right now, but when I get home I will see what titles I have and see if any match. I too have thought about doing something like this...way to blaze the trail!

  11. Sounds fantastic, Julie, thanks for looking!

  12. Here's an updated list of the books I have available:

    Preacher's Bride by Hedlund
    When We're Far Apart by Austin
    Head in the Clouds by Whitemeyer
    Snow Angel by Jamie Carie
    Mine is the Night, Here Burns my Candle by Higgs
    My Name is Russell Fink by Michael Snyder
    Convenient Groom by Denise Hunter
    The Princess by Laurie Wick
    Child of Promise, Lady of Light, Woman of Grace by Kathleen Morgan
    Larkspur Cove by Lisa Wingate
    Yada Yada Prayer Group by Jackson
    The Resurrection by Mike Duran
    A Girls Best Friend by Billerbeck
    Petra by TL Higley
    Goodness Gracious Green by Judy Christie
    Paradise Valley by Dale Cramer
    Beyond this Moment by Tamera Alexander
    The Silent Governess by Julie Klassen
    Writing the Christian Romance by Martin

    And here is a link to my wishlist on Goodreads:

  13. In addition to the list above, I now have these books available:

    Lily's Wedding Quilt by Kelly Long
    To Win Her Heart by Witemeyer
    Words by Yttrup
    The Lady of Bolton Hill by Camden
    Dashwood Sisters Tell All by Patillo
    Wolves Among Us by Garrett

    I'm keeping my goodreads wishlist up to date (link above).

  14. Hey Casey,

    My Goodreads wishlist is up to date with what I'm looking for. As of today, these are the titles sitting on my bookshelf.

    I swap or give books away as soon as I read them so most of these titles are unread. If you want one it might take a week or two for me to read it before sending:

    Softly and Tenderly by Hauck/Evans
    The Preacher's Bride by Hedlund
    Love Finds You in Martha's Vineyard
    Hollywood Nobody by Lisa Samson
    Wolves Among Us
    Goodness Gracious Green
    Head in the Clouds by Witemyer
    An Unexpected Love by Peterson
    Mine is the Night
    Here Burns My Candle
    Nightshade by Kendig
    The Colonel's Lady by Laura Frantz
    A Cowboy's Touch by Denise Hunter
    The Convenient Groom by Hunter
    The Princess by Lori Wick
    Child of Promise by Kathleen Morgan
    Larkspur Cove
    Yada Yada Prayer Group by Neta Jackson
    Silent Governess by Julie Klassen
    Lady of Light by Kathleen Morgan
    So Not Happening by Jenny B. Jones
    The Resurrection by Mike Duran
    Woman of Grace by Morgan
    Beyond this Moment by Alexander
    Digitalis by Kendig
    Crossing Oceans by Holmes
    Plai Fear: Forsaken by Leanna Ellis
    Fairer Than Morning by Elliot

    I also have a variety of Love Inspired books from Seekerville authors.

  15. Joy,

    I have Restless in Carolina and Hush, Hush if you're interested in trading. (Head in the Clouds and Colonel's Lady if you still have those). I tried e-mailing you, but our e-mail addresses apparently don't like each other. ;)
    No biggie if you don't want to, though!!

    (I hope it's okay I jump in here, Casey!) :)

  16. Nope, that is totally fine Tammy!

  17. Hi Casey,
    I don't have any of the books you want but,on my blog Trinity Rose's Garden I'm having a giveaway of Hannah Alexander's book The Wedding Kiss. Stop by and comment!
    Also I'm looking for the book Rooms by James L. Rubart.
    wandaelaine at gmail dot com

  18. Hi Casey,

    Is anyone allowed to be a part of this? I was a part of Legacy of a Writer's bookswap--that was so much fun and now I stumbled upon yours. I may just have to do one on my site. : ) I am on as well. I have about 18 books on my bookshelf, all of which I can trade. My user name is Meganleigh844. Casey, what is your PBS username and for anyone else who has PBS?

    To Swap:
    --Where Hearts Are Free by Golden Keys Parsons
    --The Bishops Daughter by Wanda Brunstetter
    --The Secret by Beverly Lewis
    --Surrender the Dawn by M.L. Tyndall
    --Central Park by Debra White Smith
    --Clouds by Robin Jones Gunn
    (There's more on my PBS bookshelf)

    Looking For:
    --Jamaican Sunset by Linda Chaikin
    --Behind the Veil by Linda Chaikin
    --Traveler in Time by Allison Uttley
    --When the Heavens Fall by Gilbert Morris
    --Brigid of Ireland by Cindy Thompson
    --Sanctuary by Molly Noble Bull

    My e-mail is

    I only ship within the U.S. Sorry

  19. This is a very cool idea! Wondering if I could join in? I have a (large) stack of books to get rid of, some are listed on my blog here:

    I have them for sale, but might be interested to trade for:

    "Legend of the Firefish"
    "The Hand that Bears the Sword" and
    "The Battle for Vast Dominion"
    all part of George Bryan Polivka's series, Trophy Chase.

    I'll keep checking back here!
    My email is: Godspeculiartreasurerae(at)gmail(dot)com

  20. I also have Julie Klassen's "Dancing Master" for trade. :)

  21. Casey, I have A Slow Burn by Mary Demuth. Email me your shipping address at and I'll ship it to you. :-)

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. @Joy Tamsin David I have "Immanuel's Veins" by Ted Dekker - let me know if you're interested. :)

  24. To swap:

    Irish Fairy Tales by James Stephens
    The Gates of Zion: #1 of the Zion Chronicals by Bodie Thoene
    The Quilted Heart: Dandelions on the Wind; Bending Towards the Sun; Ripples Along the Shore By Mona Hodgson
    The Weeping Chamger by Sigmund Brouwer (Library stickers on it)
    Fortress of Mist by Sigmund Brouwer
    More Than Coping By Elizabeth Skoglund (non-fiction)
    To Heaven and Back By Mary C. Neal, MD (non-fiction)
    Leonardo's Chair By John Desimone (brand new)
    Castles: A Kingdom Divided; Alas My Love; If Only; Five Geese Flying By Tracie Peterson
    Daring Bride; #13 in The Brides of Montclair Series by Jane Peart
    Courageous Bride; #14 in The Brides of Montclair Series by Jane Peart
    Love Finds You in Maiden, North Carolina by Tamela Hancock Murray
    I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris (non-fiction)
    Christy and Todd: The College Years: Until Tomorrow; As You Wish; I Promise By Robin Jones Gunn
    Immanuel's Veins by Ted Dekker
    The Sword of Truth; #1 of The Wakefield Dynasty Series by Gilbert Morris
    Brush of Angel's Wings; A Heaven On Earth Novel by Ruth Reid (Signed copy - though it says "To Raechel")
    Fallen From Babel By T.L. Higley

    And several Dear America's.

  25. Searching for:
    The fourth book in the Katie Weldon series by Robin Jones Gunn "Finally and Forever", and "Snow on the Tulips" by Liz Tolsma as well.


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