Thursday, December 3, 2009

What are you dreaming of?

Last night in my devotional book, I read a section on dreams and letting God take control of them. This can be a hard idea to swallow can't it? Most often when it comes time to dream, we think it is our responsibility to come up with those dreams and God is supposed to work everything out and hand it back to us on a silver platter. Either that or we beat ourselves into the ground because we are trying to accomplish a dream that maybe isn't part of God's plan.

Writing is my dream, to write something so brilliant and inspiring it makes my readers stumble over themselves to buy my books. Okay, maybe that's a bit farfetched. But that was my dream and I beat myself into the ground over it, trying to do it all my own. And the effect it had on me? I felt like a rat on a wheel in a cage...going no where. I had to relinquish that dream back into the hands of my Heavenly Father, because it was going no where in mine.

This blog is one of my dreams right now. But it's getting to a slow start, which is only natural, but like impatient me, I wanted to inspire hundreds of people (that's very farfetched) and I was beginning to worry, especially with the giveaways coming up in January. Will there be people to leave comments? But what is the title of this blog?? Say it with me... WRITING FOR CHRIST. That is what it should be all about, whether I inspire one person or a hundred is all up to Him.

No matter what your dream is, let God control the reins, I promise you will have much better success if you do. I know I have.


  1. Hey Casey,
    I have the same dream. Writing something so inspiring that it makes you cry.Yet entertaining. But alas, I have gotten basicly, nowhere:~) But your post really helped put things back into focus. I pray your blog blossoms in the coming months.
    Love Ya,

  2. You, Ashley, are the reason I write this blog. To encourage even one person for God's kingdom is the most amazing feeling ever! Thank you for stopping by, I hope you return often!

  3. This is right on, Casey!
    Plus, God's dreams for us might be better than our dreams ever were! We should limit ourselves to our own imagination or ambition.

  4. So glad you stopped by and liked the articale, Mariah! Come back soon!!!


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