Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Book Review: Courting Morrow Little

Reminiscent of the timeless love story, Last of the Mohicans, one of the latest books to hit the Christian market will take reader’s hearts captive.

COURTING MORROW LITTLE is a captivating and enthralling love story. The lyrical prose wended its way into my heart and settled in to stay. The depth of detail and historical significance to the story put me right there in Kentucky with Morrow. The evocative emotions, heart thumping moments and a love story that stands the test of life on the frontier, will not quickly leave my heart or thoughts.

I loved the story’s unconventional construction from the normal love story and it’s beauty. Instead of ending with a wedding, it is held in the middle of the novel and the connection between the two lovers is strong and endearing. But nothing good seems to last and Morrow and her husband struggle against the angst arising between white man and Indian.

Morrow grows and expands throughout the story and she reminds me of a precious rose, blooming day by day and growing stronger, but with a still delicate beauty.

The entire story from beginning to end will draw the reader in. There is elegance to the words and grace to the characters. A novel truly worthy of five stars.


  1. Nice review, Casey! I hope you had a great vacation!

  2. Casey,
    You have such a way with words. Thank you for blessing me (and Morrow) with them! Love the way you describe her as a rose, blooming and going from weakness to strength. You really understood what I was trying to do in the story. Looking forward to posting a review of the novel of your heart one day, penned by you!
    Many, many thanks. Prayers with you as you write, dear Casey!

  3. Thank you Laura, that means a great deal and it was my pleasure to write that review. Your writing tends to bring that out in me. :) I hope I get to send you a book someday too. All in His perfect timing.... :)

  4. Julia! I didn't see your comment earlier. It must have been hiding from me. :) Love the new picture of you, so nice to put a name to a face. Wasn't this a great book? One of my favorites this year. :)

  5. Wow! Great review! I so badly want to read this book!!! :D Sounds just as good--if not better, it that's possible!--as The Frontiersman's Daughter!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  6. I love your review, Casey. You really have a way with words that really encourages me to pick up the book and read, read, read!


  7. @Amber, this book is very good. I still think I *might* like TFD better, but it is a very close call. :)

    @Beverly, thanks for that kind comment. This review was a pleasure to write. :)


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