Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Do You Finish Every Book You Start?

I have been seriously considering this concept lately. It seems not every reader has the same reasoning behind finishing or not finishing a book.

When I start a novel, I do finish it. The only thing that will make me put the book down before it is over is if there was swearing or inappropriate scenes. That turns me off faster than I can blink. But often, even with fiction that isn't stellar, I tend to finish it. I just completed a novel (it will remain nameless to protect the innocent) that I basically skimmed from start to finish. It just didn't grab me. I didn't feel as if I were inside the world of the characters, living it with them. That will lead me to skimming faster than anything.

I don't really have an answer as to why I finish every book. I guess so I can say that I at least read it and maybe there is a chance that it will pick up and be really good by the time it hits the ending. Stranger things have happened.

So what about you? Do you finish every book you start regardless of how dry and boring it may be? Or do you consider your time a commodity and only read the books that grab your attention from page one?

I am in the middle of VBS at my house today (and the rest of this week), but I will attempt to jump in on the discussion. : )


  1. I finish almost every book I read. I can only think of two that I have not finished:
    1. Because it had bad language.
    2. Because it was so depressing, it was making me depressed.

  2. This is an interesting question! ;) I confess that I'm guilty of not finishing every book I start--not so much lately, because I've been reading and reviewing for my blog. :) But I think I tend to give up occasionally if I'm not drawn in right away and/or I have a big TBR stack that I'm really looking forward to.

    I can't say that I'm proud I don't finish every book (maybe "ashamed" is a better word), but I think I'm getting a little better! ;)


  3. I used to feel like I needed to read every book I bought or borrowed from the library. I'm trying not to do that now, turning over a new leaf I guess. I will read at least 50-100 pages and if by then I have not latched on to the book, then I'll put it aside.

  4. If it offends me I put it down right away. Otherwise, usually like Annette I will read 50-100 pages. If I have promised a review, I do finish the book. However, if its for my recreational free time is at a if it doesn't hold my attention, why waste my time??

  5. I don't think I've ever not finished a book. actually. It just gets put aside for awhile with my page marked and I pick it up again later. Sooner or later I finish it ;)

  6. You ladies have been busy! VBS is going great, but I just now got the chance to sit down at my computer and I hope to goodness I actually SLEEP in tomorrow. My allergies are not making life easy on me. Enough complaining!

    I do feel a bit like the odd ball here, so I am glad Ariel is the same way, I guess I just like to say that I read the book. And like Julia if I need to review it, I do finish it. I am not like Michelle Sutton on that point.

    I DO NOT like bad language or insensitive fiction, can't stand having my eyes and mind sullied and I will put fiction away for that.

    Maybe someday I will start stopping. Ha! But until then I guess I keep going. :) Thanks for joining, it makes an interesting topic for discussion.

  7. I used to feel obligated to finish no matter what. Now, if the book isn't catching my interest, or I'm not crazy about the characters, (that's a biggee for me) I'll quit reading with no guilty feelings whatsoever. There are so many wonderful books waiting to be read, that I won't spend time on something I'm not enjoying. I'll move right on to another book. Fortunately, it doesn't happen very often.

  8. I do finish every books I start. There was only 1 time a year or two ago when I just gave up on a book. I usually tend to pick books I think I will enjoy and so I usually do enjoy them. Obviously I like some a lot more than others, and once in a while one will disappoint me. But I don't branch out to non-Christian very often.

  9. I don't finish every book I start. I have a HUGE tbr list so I will give it a few chapters and if I am not getting into the book, I will check reviews on-line to see what they say if I should tough it out but I usually don't tough it out.

  10. Ah, a kindred spirit! I too am one of those people that cannot begin a book and then not finish it. No matter how boring it is or how poorly written, there is something ingrained in me that won't let me return it to the library or put it on the shelf without finishing it. Fortunately, I have learned to be able to detect the ones that will have bad language or inappropriate material so that I can avoid them. I really tried hard to put a book down last week and just couldn't force myself to do it. I have often wished I could cure myself of this habit because I really don't have time to spend reading books that I don't want to read.

  11. It seems there are a good number of people that consider their time a premium and I guess on a certain level I do as well, but like Jan said in the above comment, I just like to finish what I start. I have always been that way and since I have it, I will try to read it. Often that just leads to skimming, so that does that even count? Who knows! Great discussion, ladies, thanks for joining in!

  12. I finish every book I begin unless there is too much bad language. I also have to read something straight through. For instance, I cannot pick up the Reader's Digest and pick and choose what to read. I always start at the beginning and read to the end. I do occasionally skip a story if it seriously does not interest me.


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