Thursday, October 28, 2010

Book Review: Code Traige by Candace Calvert

Help me! I need a prescription STAT! Because I am seriously addicted to Candace Calvert’s Medical Hope series fiction!
The pace, action, romance, suspense, drama, characters, faith, story! I could go on and on about the things I love about this book (or the entire series).
There is something about a medical drama that yanks at my attention. I don’t have to understand the medical terms to get the anxiety of the moment. I don’t have to intimately know a hospital to see the staff and workings, the drama or the tension, it is all plainly explained before my eyes, infused with a great story to make it stand up and stand out! And no inappropriate, gag worthy moments prevalent in the television medical industry!
How often do you come across a romance between a married couple? But oh the love story swept me away. It didn’t have to be overtly romantic to make me swoon, the characters themselves explode from the page with a romance all their own. And combine a gorgeous, tormented couple and you have a recipe for a great love story with plenty of turmoil.
Emotions run high, with a drug crazed father, a woman determined to claim the man she lusts after and enough medical drama to go around. I can’t get enough! I highly recommend this work of excellent fiction!


  1. Casey, a big THANK YOU for this very thorough and enthusiastic review of Code Triage. It's pleasure to have you "scrub in" with my Mercy Hospital team. :-)



  2. Candace, when I first wrote that review it was about twice that length! I could go on and on. And ahem, I hope you weren't too aware of all those exclamation points! I went a bit crazy. :) But love is just not strong enough, it was fantastic and I can't wait for that next book!

  3. Great review, Casey! I wouldn't normally be drawn to this type of book, but your review has me thinking that I should definitely reconsider. :D

  4. Michelle, this was a FANTASTIC book, I highly recommend it! I didn't know I was going to like medical dramas either until I picked up Candace's book. I couldn't put it down. I have read her books in under a day. Not an easy thing for me to do with my schedule! :)


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