Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Whatever Happened to the Day...

Random thoughts on time gone by and why we have the things we do in today's world.

Whatever happened to the day when kids actually played and used their imaginations with blocks and stuffed animals that needed animation from their own mouths...instead of mechanical plastic toys that usually plunk them in front of the television or baby their impatient attitudes?

Whatever happened to the day when you waited until you got home to talk on the phone? What has turned our society into something so impatient that now we have to have a tiny machine next to our brain because we might miss a call.

Whatever happened to the day when you didn't need social media or book trailers to sell a book. Because a book sold itself because a book was the only form of honest and fulfilling and clean entertainment.

Whatever happened to the day when you could watch a movie on tv that had language in it and know it would be edited out. It would be a once a year treat at Thanksgiving when the movie played with cleanliness and fun.

Whatever happened to the day when if you badmouthed your elder you were popped in the mouth? No matter if they knew you or not. And your mother always  found out later.

Whatever happened to the day when we actually had patience. Food didn't have to be cooked in under a minute. Internet didn't need to be gigs faster and we didn't need to have a million things in front of our eyes needing to be done at one time.

Whatever happened to the day when kids actually were active and went outside. Had chores and stayed busy instead of watching video games and gaining weight.

Whatever happened to the day when Jesus's name was sacred. Shared in reverent tones and people weren't afraid to share their love for Him. His name was proclaimed from the street corners and you weren't throw in jail because of it. When the Bible was a sacred document and studied with a hunger to know and love Him more.

Whatever happened to the day when we lived. And lived life to the fullest according to God's plan. What happened to living that turned into just being?

Being that is just mediocre. Nothing special, nothing great. Whatever happened to those that stood on principle and the Bible's standards?

Whatever happened to living our lives for Christ? Instead of believing that one moment at the alter would guarantee a permanent spot in the Throne Room. And we thus lived our lives like a common sinner. Whatever happened to our morals?


  1. Amen. I wonder so many of these things daily.

  2. Ooh, the second one is poignant for me. I lost my cell phone this week. I check my email, my blog feeds, facebook, and twitter on it. I've actually had to wait until I get home to do my social networking! The horror! :P

  3. Amen!

    "Whatever happened to the day when you didn't need social media or book trailers to sell a book. Because a book sold itself because a book was the only form of honest and fulfilling and clean entertainment."

    Although whatever happened to the day when we could watch "clean" movies like the old Cary Grant movies. We very rarely watch movies and if we do they are almost always kids movies. And even those aren't always safe.

    Yeah, I think those that don't have the cell phones are the smart ones healthwise. The only reason I have one is for emergencies. I think with kids it is a good thing to have, but I never carry mine in my pocket.

    OK, now I wrote a novella on your blog...

  4. @Ariel, and there are so many more out there! You just have to watch an hour's worth of tv ads to get plenty of fodder! How's school going for you?

    @Joy, LOL, that sounds TERRIBLE! *grin* But since I just do it all on my computer anyway, I really can't compare with that torture. *grin*

    @Julia, it would seem novellas are a comman occurance with us! I agree with what you said. The old movies were some of the best and now the good ones have lowered their standards or are too preachy. Imagine that complaint! Have you heard of Feature Films for Families, now that is a company I trust with my viewing pleasure.

    We have a cell phone for traveling and emergencies too. I think it's smart, but you know, we also lived years without them and got along fine, so I'm not sure where to draw the line on that one. But to have a bluetooth in your ear?? Did you know you can pop popcorn with a cellphone? Scary.

    Thanks for coming by today ladies!

  5. It's going pretty well, thanks! Adjusting from a community college to a Christian university has been quite the shocker, but it's going better. I had my first yearbook meeting tonight and I'm starting a big sibling/little sibling program next week :) I'm so excited to start doing activities!

  6. These are so good and true. I think we need to get back to the basics and slow down.

  7. @Ariel, I am so glad! Making any kind of big adjustment can be challenging, but it seems you are slipping in well. :)

    @Patsy, thank you. I am glad you enjoyed the post. I agree basics are always better! It seems when man starts tampering with things, things just start getting out of control!

  8. Great post, Casey! I wonder these same things myself.

    It's such a shame, and truly sad, how much the world values so many things that are clothed in darkness and evil. You don't have to look far to find these things in movies, tv shows, books, and music. Thank God we have better alternatives to choose from in Christian media.

  9. @Michelle, oh I completely agree! We have been so blessed to have another, healthier alternative to the main stream junk, I will admit I am completely spoiled and refuse to read any mainstream fiction which I have heard isn't the greatest thing to be proud of when you are learning to write. But I just can't stomach the depravity they put in the fiction with no HOPE!

    And the evil that is pontificating in the world can be stifling. Praise God we have His word and the gift of other Christians who give us entertainment that edifies as well as sweeps us away.

  10. I've never heard of that company, but I"m going to check it out.


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