Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Is Here!!

The Next "Cold Call Author"...

Mary Connealy!! I'll email her this morning as warning and in the meantime you have until Sunday, the 6th to submit your questions. This interview will be posted on the last Friday of February (the 25th). Remember to keep your questions fairly short as this is a "cold call" interview. Anything goes (within bounds :-), ya'll!

What's Better Than A Gift Certificate??

Renee Ann is giving away a $20 gift certificate on her blog for my jewelry! You can enter up until Sunday (the 6th), so hurry over! There is also info on how to win a bracelet (I'm giving away) and how to get a free pair of earrings. It's all legit, I promise, so hurry over before it's too late! :-)

Fun Book Review News!!!
Okay, so maybe it doesn't matter to many of you, but I just had to share this...

My review for Digitalis by Ronie Kendig was named the best review of the month for CFBA blog tours!! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw my name and blog up there!

Okay, self promotion over. :-)

Progressive Blog Party

Amber over at Seasons of Humility is hosting the first progressive blog party for Valentine's day! Starting this coming week on the 7th, visit each of the blogs listed in order of which days they will post their giveaway. Then on the 14th, we will all post together. I'll be hosting Kristen Billerbeck, so don't miss out!

Starting on the 7th and running to the 14th:
Amber- Seasons of Humility
Renee Ann - Doorkeeper
Hannah - Project Journal
Joy - Edgy Inspirational Romance
Julia - Dark Glass Ponderings
Renee - Black 'n Gold Girl's Book Spot
Back at Seasons of Humilty for a Mr. Linky listing all the blogs.

Great Read!

The last book I have read that has just been so outstanding I read it in one evening is Kathryn Cushman's latest release, Another Dawn. My review will be up in a few days, but until then I wanted to bring this latest Women's fiction novel to your attention. It makes you think and delivers a great story with great characters at the same time.

Thank you!!

I was completely shocked the other day to come home and power up Blogger to find 300 followers in my count! Wow, I don't even really know what to say except I am so privileged to know you on this journey. As a way to say "thank you" I would like to gift one of you, that leave a comment today, an ebook copy of Michelle Sutton's Letting Go. (please note I have not read this book yet, so I can't vouch for it)
Since this is a thank you gift, please be a follower to enter. And...

Thank you!!

And The Winner Is...

The winner of JoAnn Durgin's Awakening is...


Congrats Wendy, you will be emailed very soon. :-)

Victoria's Secret = Britches?!?!?

It's less than a minute and I promise you will have never laughed so hard after watching this! (and it's clean too!)
by Chonda Pierce

Happy Friday, Everyone!!

Don't forget your Cold Call questions for Mary!


  1. Yay, Casey, on the best CFBA review!

    Congrats on hitting 300!!!

    I agree, Another Dawn is fantastic!! Not quite done yet, but a very thought-provoking and compelling read.

    For Mary: What is your favorite funny movie?

  2. Thanks Julia. Both were very fun to discover. :) So glad you are liking Another Dawn! I need to write my review for it today...

    Great question too, btw. :)

  3. WHOO-HOO, CASE, on 300 followers!!! You rock, girl!!! And I would LOVE to win Michelle's book, so sign me up. :)

    Question for Mary: What's your favorite book you've written and why?


  4. Congrats on all your awesomeness! :)

    Okay...for Mary: 1)How many hours a day do you spend writing? 2) If you jump into a fictional romance with one of your book's heroes, which hero would it be?

  5. @Julie, I will be sure and do that!! And hey, loved the jot today. :)

    @Sherrinda, okay that just makes me sound like I was bragging. ;) It's just one of those day. :P

  6. Congrats on 300 followers and on the review of the month! That's so AWESOME...btw I loved Digitalis too!

    For Mary: What's the funniest, strangest or coolest interview question you've ever been asked? :-D

    XOXO~ Renee

  7. @Renee, ooo, good question! Can't wait for that answer. :)

    @Mary, as well you should be!

  8. Congratulations, Casey on all these followers! Your blog is definitely a bright spot in cyberspace, encouraging and inspiring others with your love for Christ :)

    I am so happy Mary is getting the next Cold Call!! I voted for her :D I just finished my first Connealy book ever - I know right, what is wrong with me? It was Doctor in Petticoats, and now whether she wants me or not, I am officially a fan! ;) I just can’t wait to read more of her work, especially the rest of Sophie’s Daughters! Don’t know if I can top Sherrinda’s second question, not sure if I want to either because I am quite curious to know the answer ;) But I guess my question for Mary would be:

    What made you fall in love with and want to write about cowboys? :)

    And, Casey, I saw a very funny video once of Chonda talking about menopause parking! I should let my mom watch it! LOL, thank goodness she won’t be reading this comment! ;D

    Looking forward to the Mary’s Cold Call!


  9. Awww, thanks Amanda! I think you just such a bright spot as well. :)

    Mary's vote was a runaway!! But I really wasn't surprised and hey, I haven't read that many of her books either, so don't feel too bad. They are great fun, aren't they?? :) You got your question in just the nick of time, I'm sending them to her today.

    And oh my. LOL, I have seen that video about menopause parking. She is just too funny!!

    Thanks for coming by, Mary's cold call will be the last Friday of the month. :)

  10. LOL! Thanks for sharing! I love Chonda. :D I recently got to go see Tim Hawkins. Have you heard of him? He's hilarious!


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