Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Magnificent Obsession

Lord, may You place within my heart a magnificent obsession for You.

God, change me, mold me, guide me where You want me to go. May I respond to Your prodding and kneel to Your discipline.

Jesus, forgive me for treating Your resurrection and life with flippancy. May I always point others to You with the light of that gift, shining through my life.

Alpha Omega, give me wisdom in this present age and may I in turn use that wisdom to point a hurting soul to You.

Lord, place in my heart a magnificent obsession for You and You only.

I Am, my Father, my heavenly Daddy, my King, my Lord, may Your name never cross my lips in any other form than praise and worship.

My Deliverer, deliver me from my sins and weaknesses, but Lord if You can teach me, guide me and mold me through those, I ask for more, that I may serve you better.

Master Wordsmith, plant the words You want me to say this day. Soften my tongue, give grace to my fingers, but above all, Lord. Let my words be a love song to You.

Lord, give my heart, body, mind and soul a magnificent obsession for You.

Potter, mold my clay. When I stiffen and fight the design You have engineered for my life, don't give up on me, continue to shape me and Lord, should I need to be flattened and begun again, I trust.

Lord Jesus, may my one desire, my one goal, my one yearning mission in life, my "dream job", my highest priority, the first thing I think of when I rise and the last thing when I lay my head down, what I strive for above all else, that You would be my...

Magnificent obsession.


  1. Oh, Casey! This is beautiful! Reminds me of the praise song and especially the lyrics "to know and follow hard after you."

  2. Thank you Julia. It's funny you should mention that song since my best friend just mentioned in her last letter. :)

  3. Thank you Michelle. Bless you today. :)


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