Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Royal Opinion

I won't profess to a great deal of interest in the "Royal Wedding". So why am I blogging about it?

No, it isn't because everyone else is.

Okay, maybe it is.

I don't follow the monarchy or stay up-to-date on their social restrictions, who's marrying who, who's going to the wedding and who designed Kate's dress.

Many have said they are getting up early to watch the wedding and wish the bride and groom well. Being of the female persuasian, the thought of a wedding and a royal wedding at that, does makes me excited. And while I have no attachment to the couple or their country, I wish them the best. I really do.

But I think I would have a lot more respect for them and possibly even eagerly await their wedding if it weren't for the circumstances leading up to their nuptials this week.

It's a little known fact that isn't widely talked about in the "royal frenzy circles". That Kate and William lived together for at least a period of the ten years they have been a "couple".

After the sad end to Diana and Charles's marriage through divorce, I wish Kate and William the best and many happy years together. But with a past that has okayed divorce and their own history together starting out with a live-in, I just wonder what this bodes for their marriage.

I can't say whether I'll watch a re-run of the wedding or not. But I can say I am disappointed with the choices they have already made.

Just because you're royal doesn't make you exempt from God's principles. I just wish a few more people would remember that instead of getting caught up in the glamour of the moment. A wedding is just a day. Marriage is a lifetime.

What are your thoughts on the Royal Wedding?


  1. Well, I am curious about it. But I have to say that I'm with you Casey, I am taking this craze with an ounce of salt. Though I hope that they can make it work. It's sad that they lived together.

  2. I hope they will remain true to each other. That would be a plus in today's day and age.... :O)

  3. FAYE, I agree. There is a lot of hoopla surrounding their wedding and while I don't begrudge them that, it is disappointing in some of the choices they have already made.

    DIANE, I am right there with you! I have been praying for them in that.

    Thanks for sharing your "royal" opinion, girls. :)

  4. I don't really get all the hoopla but I do really want to see Kate's dress LOL! I love wedding gowns but I'm not going to get up at 4am to see it. I do wish them all the best though.

    XOXO~ Renee

  5. RENEE, yeah, I know, I'm looking forward to what she has too. Can't really say WHY, except I really like wedding dresses too. Must be the girl in me. ;-) Just hope it isn't the extravagance of what was it...a 25' train from Diana?? Probably have that number wrong...

    Goodness! :-)

  6. I haven't followed it at all. All I know is that the President and First Lady didn't get invited, and that seemed like a big deal.

    I understand the hoopla, after all, he's a prince. This is definitely "Much Ado About Something" to paraphrase the Bard. I try to think, what if the President's kid got married. That would certainly be a big deal here. It's kinda the same.

    I will certainly see footage of the event after it's over, no way to avoid that. But there's no way I'll get up at 4 am for it. In fact I think it's weird that they're televising it live. Recording and replaying it, sure. But live to the world? I wouldn't want that if it was my wedding.

    The live-in thing is rough. I always cringe when people talk about living together. I kindly discourage them from it if they ask my opinion, which they don't usually.

    I wasn't alway kind about my discouragement. My mom and step-dad lived together for 12 years before they got married. I lived at home, with them, for the first 3 years and spent most of that time preaching at them about it. It was not well recieved. No one wants a Bible lesson from their teenage daughter.

    Eventually I learned my self-righteousness was just as bad, if not worse than their sin, and I gave it up. I was the first person they called when the left the courthouse after finally "eloping." They've been happily married for almost 5 years.

  7. ANDREA, thanks so much for stopping by to share your thoughts. Yes, I agree, being a prince and marrying IS a big deal, especially when his bride probably isn't a first choice as far as her "royal heritage".

    I imagine it would be very tough to live with parents that aren't married for so many years and there is a fine balance between preaching and living our lives as an example for Christ. I'm so glad they decided to get married and I hope they have many more years together. :-)


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