Friday, August 10, 2012

Accepting Life in the Fast Lane





Isn’t that they way life gets? We’re settled into our perfect little rut, content and happy with where we are and suddenly something zips by us in a blur of blue and brown (or whatever color you should happily choose).

Oooh, pretty, what was that?


It happens again and pretty soon we’re realizing it’s not them that’s moving…it’s US!

Life took a crazy turn for me this last week and suddenly my perfect little ordered world that didn’t involve chaos has now become (you guessed it) chaotic.

I don’t think there are too many people that like life in the fast lane. Most of us normal people are content with put-putting along in ordered peace and control.

Ah, but did you catch that last word? Control.

We humans like to control things don’t we? Even down to the weather…remember the reports that came in during the 2008 Beijing Olympics? They were shooting stuff in the big blue beyond hoping to make it rain. Control.

We love the stuff. We love to mold and make it work for our agenda and our plans and our goals.

The funny thing with control is that it’s a slippery devil. The minute we think we have it figured out, it turns right back around nips us in the behind. Biting, chomping, gnawing until we surrender and give into its powers.

Control is a greedy master and is never satisfied.

The only way to control Control is to turn it over. Release the burden of carrying that master around on our two shoulders and surrender it to God.

The opposite of control? Surrender. Giving up. Giving over. Giving away. There is a peace to the word surrender. Like a gentle river sparkling on a clear day. Control only conjures up a thundering storm on a dark and brooding night.

Sure, none of us like the thought of our neat and orderly lives becoming a life in fifth gear in the fast lane. But sometimes that’s just life. That’s just what happens. And maybe, just maybe it’s because there is a bigger purpose at work than our personal agendas. Maybe it’s a divine purpose for God’s greater plans. 

**I'm a guest today on my friend Mary Vee's blog. I'd love to chat with you there as I talk about defining you...* 


  1. Thanks Casey. You sparked my early morning prayers. Recently I made a choice to listen to Him over human words. Happy that my mind and heart were open to Him. Now He controls even more of me. How wonderful and amazing Is God!

    1. Oh isn't it hard to focus solely on what He is telling us and not just the meaningless words of man? Man's words too often hurt the most, I've found. To relinquish the need to control our emotions in such an area over to God is such a release!

  2. Thanks, Casey. Needed that pep talk this morning! :)

    1. I need it too! These posts are almost always written for me. :)

  3. Oh, AMEN AND AMEN, CASE!!!! Needed this this morning, so THANK YOU!!


  4. As someone who likes to control the chaos in my own life I needed to hear this! Thanks Casey!

    You said,

    "And maybe, just maybe it’s because there is a bigger purpose at work than our personal agendas. Maybe it’s a divine purpose for God’s greater plans."

    If it weren't for that fact I wouldn't be where I am today! One such case of chaos in my life happened to move me halfway across the country. Having never been away from family was a scary thought. But God's plans are not our own and He has turned what I thought would be a miserable experience into something greater than I could ever imagine. AND...deepened my relationship with HIM in the, win!

    Julie@My Favorite Pastime

    1. Oh amen, preach it! Why is it we so often doubt, thinking we can do better, when God sees the BIG picture? Walking in faith and trust. Always trust!

  5. Surrender. I think that's one of the hardest things to learn and do. I have to learn and re-learn it. Thank you, Lord, for your patience! :)

    Good stuff, Casey.

    1. Re-learn and re-learn and re-learn. I'm so thankful for His unending patience, without it I'd be so lost!

  6. Love this post - it's what my WIP is all about. My heroine gets on the back of a motorcycle for the first time and has to learn how to let go and let the driver be in complete control. Once she does, she "becomes one with the road" so to speak. That's how God want us - one with the road, one with HIS plan for our lives.

    Wonderful way to wrap up a week. (I actually typed weak - a Freudian slip? Maybe I should have left it that way.)


    1. Maybe you should have, Becky. ;-) Surrendering control is soooo hard, but the PEACE it brings. We aren't made weaker, we are made stronger in Christ. Amen and Amen.


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