Friday, May 10, 2013

April Pinterest Project (In May! ;-) ~ What Did You Create?

Happy May, Pinterest creators (and blog followers!) 

Yes, my April Pinterest post is sorely lacking, so you'll get two this month...maybe. ;-) The good news is, I DID create something for the month of April. 
This project is one I've had my "eye" on for some time. (to borrow the popular cliche) Turns out the project was just as fun in person as it appeared to be online. Gave a wonderful "shabby chic" look to my little bunkhouse and I'm now officially addicted to painting glass jars with chalk paint.

For ease of project, relatability to the original and overall made-me-feel-super-crafty-even-though-I'm-not, I give it two thumbs up!

Cost, was a bit more. Chalk paint isn't cheap. I found mine at Joanne's and Michael's and the price only varied by a dollar or two (Joanne's was cheaper) and both stores were WAY cheaper than Amazon. 

Original pin

Start with any Ball or Kerr jar you can find either at almost any store or in your own pantry! I cut out the cost of purchasing the jars and used some odds and ends we had here at home.

Chalk paint, brushes, paint tray (my preferred choice, since I had no newspaper and this is more portable) and sand paper!

All painted, stressed and decorated. ;-)

Baker's Twine around my purple jars turned out so cute and gave it a fun little pop! The lavender jar came from combining my white and dark purple paints. All of my jars (except for the lavender one) took about 3-4 coats of paint and took over 24 hours to fully cure so the paint didn't peel or feel tacky.

I didn't like the way the dark purple paint sanded. It left it scratched and not in a way that looked like an antique. ;-) So I painted a couple coats of white over it and then sanded through enough to see the purple. It's grown on me over time. ;-)

My FAVORITE jar turned out to the white one. The stressing did the best job on the white and made the "Ball" and "wide mouth" really pop. I keep this one my night stand for lotions, chapstick, etc. 

This jars are GREAT catch-alls and I plan to make many more of them as I find the jars (and my mom is willing to part with them. ;-) You really can't go wrong with this craft. My kind of project. ;-)

What did you create in the month of April? I'd love it if you would post a picture on Facebook or Pinterest and tag me!


  1. Looks like you're having fun, Casey. And I like how you experimented with the purple one until you got something you liked.

    1. Yes, me too. Now I want to add to my collection and make a pink one. That will require another bottle of paint, however. Fun project!! Now I'm looking for other things to paint... ;-)

  2. Success. I really like the purple one. It is so nice.

    1. The lavender one did turn out so nice!


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