Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Blog Plans for 2011

Can you believe that 2011 is nearly upon us? Is it just me or is time rushing by faster the older I get? I remember being in about the 1st-2nd grade and dying to play the clarinet. My mom's response was "probably about 6th grade" 6th GRADE?? That is AGES away!

It got here faster than I planned. And when it comes to waiting on the future, it still seems to move at a snail's pace- until I look behind me. Hindsight is always 20/20, know what I mean?

But I didn't post today to talk about that so much as I wanted to run a few blog ideas by you, my readers. They are too extensive for a poll, so I thought I would share them here.

First, most of my blogging scheduled is going to stay the same. Giveaways on Monday, book reviews and thoughts during the week. But since the 2010 reading challenge will be over, I wanted to do something different on Fridays to bring a notch of fun to the blog.

Couple things I have been thinking about:

~Open, ask the author day- once a month. This is the chance to vote on a poll on which author we would like to send a small bundle of questions to. The questions would be submitted- by you! And could be anything (as long as they are appropriate). The only bug with this idea is what if the author doesn't have time to do the answering? That might prove difficult, so any helpful ideas would be appreciated.

~Coming in February/March will be a series on remaining pure in body, mind and soul before marriage. And the couples that have gone before us unwed and the joys they have experienced because they waited. More details on that later.

~Because I love to write and my passion is fiction, I love to help others. Though I am by far NO expert. But what would you writers think of my giving away a 5-10 page critique one time a month? Let me know, it's just a thought I have been kicking around.

~Any other ideas you would like me to consider? What would you like to see more of that are already along the lines of my blog?

Homemade noodles are done, so I gotta run. Duty calls and all that. :-) I look forward to you all weighing in with your opinions. :-)


  1. First off, I love the second idea of talking about being pure in body, mind, and soul before marriage! That would be a big encouragement to all the young people out there - myself included! I can't wait to read these posts!

    And second, I love the idea of you giving some critque to writers work! I'd say if you are up to critiquing, give it a go! :-)

    Love the ideas for 2011! Yes, I know what you mean - 2010 just FLEW by!! :-)

    ~ Katy

  2. Katy, I know. Remaining pure is a HUGE thing for me, so I wanted to do something along those encouraging lines. Thanks for your thoughtful response, I appreciate the input. :)

  3. I love the purity idea :D 100%. YES YES YES. ;)

    And as for time flying by... I kind of hate it, haha! I'm leaving school in two days to go home and it feels like I've barely been here a month rather than 4. I hate having to leave people, so change is always hard for me. It happens, unfortunately.

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  5. Hello Casey,
    My name is Courtney David and I just wanted to write and Thank You for a few different reasons. First by being a huge example to other girls and making purity of importance, this is one of my personal goals as well. Secondly, I applaud the fact that you don't just talk about things you want to do, but you actually do them! That is the hardest thing I think for people these days. We all have ideas, but are either too busy or too lazy to actually do them. I am at no less fault for this. =) But I look forward to your blog about being pure in body, mind, and soul before marriage and I hope that it isn't too weird having a stranger write on your wall. ^_^
    Courtney David

  6. @Ariel, I think quite a few people are going to like it actually. I can't wait to really start planning it. :)

    @Courtney, no, that isn't strange at all to have someone 'I don't know yet' post on my blog. :) I am SO GLAD you did!! Thank you for your kind words and thoughtful message, it means a great deal to me. To find other young woman such as yourself who chase after the Lord as their highest priority, is an amazing experience. I hope I get to know you a bit better through the great world of blogging. :)

  7. Casey,

    Wonderful ideas! Of course, I am all for the purity idea! Awesome! Something that all of us need for our whole lives, too!

    I think your critiques are awesome and I know time-consuming so I think its wonderful that you are offering that! For me anyway critiquing has helped me learn a bit more about my own writing, so I pray that you'll be blessed in giving this offering.

    And I agree that it is awesome that you post great ideas and follow through. I have a few ideas for my blog in 2011 but am not going to post them, because I've just picked up more reviewing spots and teaching a class so I don't know how all that will go.

  8. I would agree whole heartedly that it is such a blessing to meet others who share your same passions for Christ and purity. Yes, I look forward as well to getting to know you as well over what you call, "the great world of blogging"! =) Blessings.

  9. @Julia, I was thinking the exact same thing. I love to do it anyway, but it seems that when I look at something other than my own, I notice things I can improve in my own fiction.

    Good for you on teaching that class! Is it some kind of homeschool thing?

    @Courtney, I saw you are new to the blogging world and I will say it was one of the greatest things that I started doing. God will put you in contact with some wonderful, like minded people. I have been blessed through doing this.

    Thanks for back around! :)


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