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Cold Call Friday with MaryLu Tyndall!

Welcome MaryLu, to your “Cold Call” interview!! For those of you who don’t know what the “Cold Call” feature is, at the beginning of the month I have a poll, the winning author YOU then get to interview!! MaryLu Tyndall won this month’s vote and I am thrilled to present her here with YOUR questions. Without any further ado, heeeerrrre’s MaryLu!

If you had the opportunity to live on an actual ship out in the ocean, would you leave your home and do so?

In a heartbeat!  I adore the sea, always have.  I grew up on the beaches of South Florida and now live near the beaches of California. It’s almost like I’ve got some mermaid in me because I can never be far from the sea! But a ship!! Ah, there’s heaven to me. So, yes indeed, bring me that horizon!

Have you ever had the opportunity to “dress-up” for a special occasion as a pirate?

Does wearing a head scarf and an eye patch count? If so, then yes, I sometimes put on my Captain Jack hat and my eye patch while I’m writing. (Just to get into character, of course. Wink)  I’ve also been known to draw my flintlock pistol on an intruder now and then, in addition to wielding my 18th century cutlass about my house. But don’t tell too many people. They may come haul me away to the pirate funny farm. (which may not be a bad thing, either)

At what point in your life did you know that you had a talent for writing and who inspired you more to take that talent to the next level of publishing your works?

I have a talent for writing? J Well, gosh, thanks. Actually, I never really knew I had talent. Or should I say, I never thought I did. I did exceptionally well in English classes in college and dabbled with novels and short stories my entire life, but I never thought I was good enough to get published.  And as for the inspiration, I’d have to give the credit for that to God. He’s the one who told me to write a novel about a Christian pirate. So I did. Then He’s the one who told me try and get it published. I really didn’t think I stood a chance, but I obeyed anyway. I guess He knew something I didn’t, eh? 

What other books/stories do you have in the works for when this series is finished?

I’m working on a single title, Veil of Pearls, set in Charleston, SC 1811 about an escaped slave girl who falls in love with the wealthy son of a plantation owner. At only one-quarter black, she appears white and although she hates slave-owners, once she gets swept up into the glamorous world of Charleston society and falls for Morgan Rutledge, she is desperate to hide her past. It’s a story about putting popularity above God. It is filled with balls and soirees and plays as well as sea-faring adventures. I’m very excited about it!

How do you adequately research something/someplace that is not readily accessible anymore (ie: sailing on a pirate ship) and make it SO real? Do any female pirates exist?

Did female pirates exist? Have ye read me tale, The Red Siren?  LOL. Well, actually, history reveals that there were quite a few female pirates. Their stories are quite fascinating.  My favorite is Mary Read.  She pirated the Caribbean with Calico Jack Rackham and Anne Bonny, another female pirate.  Take the time to google her. Her story is better than fiction.

As far as researching ships and sailing, if only you could see my library!  I have several books on navigation, tall ships, and pirates. I also read a lot of sea-faring fiction.  In addition, I’ve been on several tall ships myself. The HMS Rose, which was the ship built to specification for the movie Master and Commander, was my favorite. I’ve also been on several sloops, brigs, and the USS Constellation anchored in Baltimore. I’ve attended tall ship festivals where I’ve been able to go sailing and fire cannons.  Ah, the life!

For fun: do you like dogs or cats better (Why?). Ice cream or yogurt? J

Cats rule. Dogs drool. (Sorry, couldn’t resist)  I prefer cats because you have to work to win their affection. They are independent and moody and demanding. Hey, that sounds like most people I know!  Anyway, for some reason, those qualities attract me more than a creature who still loves me after I kick him across the room. Not that I do that, mind you! (Egad, I’ve probably lost all my dog-loving readers)  Actually, I love all animals and think dogs are the most affectionate loyal creatures I’ve ever known.  But still, cats rule.

If I’m going to splurge on some decadent desert, then I’m going to get the real deal. Ice-cream all the way. I do love yogurt too, but why waste calories on 2nd best. Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream for me!

Are you doing any books tours soon, if so where?

Unfortunately, no. I’m not.  My publisher isn’t sure that book tours are worth the effort and expense, so they haven’t planned any for me in the near future. I am planning a book signing here in San Jose, CA sometime in the fall if you’re in town!

And for all the fans that are ready to have a mutiny if they don’t contact you soon (!!) where can your readers connect with you?

Ye can find me sailin’ on me website:

Friday's Note:
The winner of Mary Ellis's Abigail's New Hope is...
She has been emailed and has a week to get back with me. Thanks all and have a great weekend!!


  1. What a great interview! I enjoyed getting to know Mary Lu better!

  2. I love Mary Lu's books thanks for the interview.

  3. Awesome interview, MaryLu and Casey! I enjoyed reading it.

    MaryLu, I just finished up reading Surrender the Heart and Surrender the Night and am totally in love with your characters, their adventures, and the time in history. Wow! I couldn't put the books down! Both get 5 big stars for me and I am now looking forward to your release of Surrender the Dawn.

    I love a good pirate tale!! :-D

  4. Thanks, ladies, for taking the time to read my interview! And for your kind comments!! A good way to start the weekend for me. And Katy, I'm so glad you enjoyed Surrender the Night!! If you like pirates, you might check out my pirate series, Legacy of the King's Pirates.
    Blessings all!

  5. KATIE G, glad you could stop by and read it. :)

    APPLE, aren't her books fantastic?? Love them!

    KATY, MaryLu can tell a mean pirate story, that is for sure! Some of my favorite of her books are her very first ones. Hope she can someday return to those pirates. ;-)

    MARYLU, thanks for coming by!! Always good to have you visit. :D

  6. MARYLU!!! One of my favorite author friends AND favorite authors!! Veil of Pearls sounds TO DIE FOR, and I cannot wait to read it. The cover is AWESOME -- did Barbour do that???

    Of course, I would read anything by you, sweetie, even a grocery list because I know you'd manage to have some hot Hershey kisses on there for sure!!

    Case, great cold call, as always!!


  7. Loved the interview, and love the new cover and description for Veil of Pearls!! Sounds fabulous! :o)

  8. Thanks for the interview! Always good to learn more about MaryLu. Love MaryLu's books; her blog and can't wait to read Veil of Pearls!!

  9. Great interview! Thanks so much for the cold call!

  10. I've never heard of the Cold Call before, but this is a stellar interview. I smiled as I read the great questions and intriguing answers! :)

    Heavens! Veil of Pearls sounds like yet another M.L. Tyndall novel that I'll be staying up late reading! What a captivating title, and the cover is gorgeous. So glad you're returning to the setting of Charleston again (my hometown!). Can't wait to immerse myself in this story!

  11. Thanks all for stopping by to join in the "Cold Call" today! Always love having you take part in these interviews. :) And YES Veil of Pearls is a STUNNING cover!! :D

  12. Oh cool! I've heard of that series--all good! ;-) I'll have to check out where I can get it. I love a pirate story!! :-D

  13. Julie, my dear sweet friend!!! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I'd get some chocolate kisses just for you. Hey all, check out Julie Lessman's books if you haven't already. They are fabulous!!!

    Thank you Christy, Jackie, and Faye!! And Rachelle, yes, heading back to Charleston. Yea! One of my favorite cities! I was shocked when I first got a glimpse of the cover. I think it's my best yet.

    Hugs to all!

  14. Hi Ladies--
    This is a great interview--Loved reading it as much as I love your books, MaryLu. I do have another question to add to this list, if that's o.k.? Many authors mention rejections they had when they first started putting their work out there. Did you have any? And were you doubtful about whether you should continue? Thanks MaryLu and Casey!

  15. Great interview! Thanks for answering my question first. And as for cats rule and dogs drool; yes dogs drool, but I still like dogs more. I used to be a cat person, somewhere along the way, I switched to dogs. Don't know why. And I would never jump ship just because you like cats, Cap'n, just as you would never make me walk the plank because I like dogs. See ye back on yer ship! *hugs*

  16. I love Cold Call Friday's! Great questions & answers. I've only read The Red Siren but really liked it. I have Surrender the Heart in my TBR pile, which is huge. I'll reiterate the beauty of the new cover. Charleston is my hometown so I look forward to that one, too! Thanks for induging us fans and answering our silly questions :) Cats are my fav, and give me ice cream anyday!

  17. I recently started following your blog and was tagged in a post by another blogger to tag 5 others. So I just wanted to let you know I tagged you in my latest post "Tag, your it" on my blog Feel free to check it out, but don't feel pressured to participate. :)

  18. Pat, to answer your question, Did I get any rejections? YES, I got tons of them, first from several dozen agents and then from multiple publishers! In fact, I still get rejections when I propose a new series or story.. so it doesn't stop when you get published. Did the rejections make me doubt? YES!! Especially with that first book because you start to wonder whether you're any good or not or whether God wants you to write. But I just kept praying about it and kept feeling like I was supposed to continue.. so I did. And the rest is history. I hope that brings you some encouragment!

  19. Debbie, since ye admit t' preferring dogs, I won't make ye walk the plank, but don't be surprised if ye don't find somethin' a bit odd in yer next cup o' grog! (Just a bit of captain humor there)
    Waving at Anne!! Thanks for stopping by.. glad you liked the Red Siren!

  20. That be okay, Cap'n. Me just be switchin' me grog with me hubby's. Arrr............:-)


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