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Giveaway! Mark of Distinction by Jessica Dotta!

Welcome to Writing for Christ Jessica Dotta, it is great to have you here! So you’re a writer? What made you decide to start creating characters and story world?

I know this sounds cliché, but I've known since childhood that I was a writer. Stories were always far more interesting to me than real life (although as I type this, I wonder if anyone thinks real life is more interesting . . . ). Since middle-school years I've been crafting story. I'd read a fascinating book and then mimic the author's style in a short story of my own, much like a little kid pretending to cook or clean house after watching their mom.

What is the one title that has significantly impacted your life?

Jane Eyre is without doubt my favorite novel. When I finished Jane Eyre, I felt wild with enthusiasm at its singular style and storyline. It was the first novel where I couldn't predict the ending and therefore I felt unsafe. I lost two night's sleep, turning pages, wondering what would happen. I had no idea stories could be that wild and free.

The Bronte's sisters had this amazing gift to write outside of a genre. In fact, they are their own genre. People understand what you mean if you say something is a Bronte-styled novel.

If you could get a do-over when it came to learning this whole thing called writing, what would
you go back and tell yourself?

Forget the rules and trust your writer's instincts.

5 preference questions:
Homemade or take-out? – Mmmm- right now I vote take out. My life is so busy having someone else do the cooking is double the treat.
Email or snailmail? I use e-mail more often than snail mail, but there's nothing more fun than finding a package or beautifully crafted letter in your post box.
Online shopping or Black Friday deals? Online shopping for me!
Books or movies? Well, books. But some movies are incredible, too.
Note-taker or memorization? Both.

Yes, I’m asking you to play favorites…which of your books is your favorite, published or unpublished? And if this is your debut novel, has your favorite been published yet?

The third book of the Price of Privilege trilogy is my favorite right now. Since this is my debut series, I'm not sure that I'll ever truly like any other series above the one I've written. I've lived with these characters for a decade now. I learned the craft of writing in order to oversee their publication into the marketplace. I've had years to develop their stories and backgrounds. I do, however, have other stories with plots that are really fascinating and I hope I get to write them.  

Places for readers to learn more about you?

I'm working on trying to increase my web presence, but as a single-working mom it's not always easy. Here's where you can find me when I'm online:

Twitter: JessicaDotta

Thank you for being with us today!
Thank you so much!!

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  1. I love the characters and story of her first book in this series and would love to win this one. Thanks for the opportunity. Blessings, Chris

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  9. I love the cover of this book, Jessica! This also reminds me that I need to read Jane Eyre again...The first time I read it I too young to appreciate it. Thanks for the chance to win this book!

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  18. I loved "Jane Eyre" too; it was one of the few books I was required to read for high school that I actually enjoyed. This book sounds very intriguing. I can't wait to read it!

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  19. Just finished reading the first book in this series and I could feel the Jane Eyre influence. Loved it so much! Look forward to the next one!

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