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Giveaway! The Midwife by Jolina Petersheim!

Welcome to Writing for Christ Jolina Petersheim, it is great to have you here! So you’re a writer? What made you decide to start creating characters and story world?

Even before I knew how to write or read, I loved to sit on the stoop of our family’s porch and make up stories. Then I often tried to sing these stories to my long-suffering mother. Because of her and my father’s encouragement, the encouragement from my teachers, and my husband and friends, I am still telling stories today. Now that I am a mother, I encourage that storytelling tradition in my daughter’s life by reading to her before nap and bedtime. A lot of who we are is shaped by what talents were encouraged when we were children.

What is the one title that has significantly impacted your life?

Again, this all goes back to childhood, so I would have to say Anne of Green Gables. It was more the series than the individual title, but L.M. Montgomery’s imaginative setting and characters really impacted me and helped me know that I also wanted to be a writer, just like Anne with an ‘e’.

If you could get a do-over when it came to learning this whole thing called writing, what would you go back and tell yourself?

After I married my husband, I moved to a very rural town in East Tennessee. We worked together in our grocery store, and sometimes I panicked because, for that first six months, I didn’t write. Looking back now, I wish I would’ve just relaxed and known that the future would work itself out in due time. However, I know that even if I could go back, I would still feel the same way. I have always panicked a little whenever I’m not writing. It’s so much a part of who I am that I feel incomplete without it.  

5 preference questions:

Homemade or take-out?
Homemade because we live in the boonies and no one will deliver where we live!

Email or snailmail?
Snailmail. I always smile whenever I receive a card. It’s so personal and takes that little extra effort. One of my goals for 2013 was to send more cards, and I found it easier to mail them if I kept a stash of nice stationary in my desk drawer.

Online shopping or Black Friday deals?
Neither, actually. I am a Goodwill shopper all the way! I grew up on thrift store clothes and see no reason to change now.

Books or movies?
Ah, that’s hard! I love storytelling in every form. I read more books, just because I pack one around with me everywhere I go, and you can’t pack a TV quite as easily. However, there is something magical about lighting some candles and settling in with a good movie and a cup of tea.

Note-taker or memorization?
I took copious notes in college. I literally just wrote down every sentence out of the professor’s mouth, so that my hand cramped every day. Then I jammed everything in a notebook and memorized it before tests. It worked like a charm.

Yes, I’m asking you to play favorites…which of your books is your favorite, published or unpublished? And if this is your debut novel, has your favorite been published yet? 

Probably The Outcast, but it’s the only book released at this time. I know it will always have a special place in my heart because I learned so much throughout the process. I remember someone from Tyndale telling me that by the time of my next book’s release, I would know the publishing world inside and out. I couldn’t believe her at the time—I was so pleasantly overwhelmed—but now I am much more relaxed. It’s very nice!

Places for readers to learn more about you?

I love to visit on my website
I also blog with other authors at
It’s great to chat with readers at

Thank you for being with us today! 

And thank you for having me!

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A Note from Jolina!

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Jolina! I enjoyed The Outcast and have been looking forward to reading The Midwife! I love shopping at Goodwill! :)

    And I'm a coffee-girl, all the way, though if my writing time falls in the evening, I stick with tea so I can get some sleep.

    (I also subscribe to this blog.)

    1. And I forgot to leave my e-mail address: lmbartelt (at) gmail (dot) com

    2. So nice to meet another thrift-store shopper, Imbartelt. Nothing like that bargain hunting high, except for maybe reading a great book!

  2. I really enjoyed reading Jolina's answers! And this book sounds good. Thanks for the chance to win!
    Godspeculiartreasurerae(at)gmail(dot) com

    Oh and I am a follower and subscriber. :)

  3. I think this book sounds so interesting and would love to read it. Have been watching for it at bookstores since I first saw information about it. Sonja (dot) Nishimoto (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. Would to read Jolina's book.

  5. I am a follower and subscriber.

  6. Casey, I am a subscriber and follower and I appreciate this interview and giveaway. Jolina, I am looking forward to reading The Midwife and I absolutely love Goodwill, thrift stores and yard sales. Why pay more than we have to??

  7. Good morning....I am a subscriber and a follower. I enjoyed reading Jolina's first book and can't wait to read this new one. My drink of choice in the morning is coffee and in the afternoon it is ice water and lemonade. Thanks for the chance!!

    hspruitt at frontier net DoT neT

    1. Thank you, Sheri! So excited to share these stories with you!

  8. I am a subscriber and follower at your blog ~ thank you for the interview with Jolina Petersheim. I would like to added for the drawing for a print copy of The Midwife. Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House lanehillhouse[at]centurylink[dot]net

  9. I'm a subscriber & follower. Jolina, I had the same note-taking method in college. If I wrote it down and read it later, it would embed in my mind so much better than just reading the material. kawaii (dot) katers at gmail dot com

    1. It's really the way to go, LadySaomtome! It makes those facts stick! ;)

  10. I read the Outcast and was very impressed, and I'm looking forward to reading The Midwife as well. I enjoyed your interview with Jolinna, and look forward to many more books written by her! I am a subscriber and a follower of your blog.

    1. Hi, Nancee! Such an honor to see you here. You're such a wonderful reviewer and supporter for us authors. We appreciate you! :)

  11. Hi Casey, I hope you're having a great week so far.

    Jolina, I loved the interview - and what an adorable cover! I've seen so much about The Midwife lately and would love to win it. Thanks for the chance!

    nicnac63 AT hotmail DOT com

    1. You're most welcome, Cheryl! Thank you for visiting!

  12. I read "The Outcast" and loved it, I'm very anxious to read "The Midwife". Thank you for the chance to win it.


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