Saturday, May 14, 2011

EXCITED for GREAT Friends!!!!

I got a FANTASTIC phone call yesterday. No, I hadn't won something. It didn't even have to do with me, but it might as well have been for how EXCITED I get every time I think about this...

The Genesis Finalists were announced yesterday AND...a VERY DEAR FRIEND MADE THE LIST!!!

Oh my goodness! Yep, my own Pepper Basham is a finalist in the ACFW Gensis Contest (this is HUGE people, HUGE!)

I've told her she needs to go write her acceptance speech, because no offense to the other finalists, but Pep's story is AWESOME!

Then I read the rest of the list and saw MORE names I know! Eeeeee! One a dear blogging friend! Read on. :-)))

(total entries: 48)

Katy Pistole
Lori Stafford
Delores Topliff

(total entries: 82)

Pepper Basham ← That's right!!!
Mary Curry
Jessica Nelson

(total entries: 44)

Johnnie Alexander Donley
S.C. Iles
Renee Yancy

(total entries: 73)

Sarah Ladd
Naomi Rawlings
Sherri Shakelford

(total entries: 47)

Dianna T. Benson
Shelley Ledfors
Bethany Macmanus

(total entries: 52)

Kelli Hughett
Renee Ann Smithrecognize that name??? YEP! Our own Renee Ann!
Jan Warren

(total entries: 54)

Patrick Carr
Matt Jones
Christian Miles

(total entries: 90)

Sally Bradley
Camille Eide Brand new Facebook friend!! :-))
Karen Schravemade

(total entries: 65)

Pepper Basham ← YES, she finaled TWICE!
Stephanie Landsem
Nicole Quigley

A HUGE MEGA congratulations to every single finalist. WOW, give yourself a pat on the back, that is AWESOME!

And for those the didn't final, I'm there with you, I know that feeling, and don't give up. This does NOT signal an end to anything, it's just another step on the journey and one does not define the other. Keep working hard!



  1. Congratulations to all the finalists, and hugs to those who didn't make it to this round.

  2. How exciting!!! And Renee Ann, I am so thrilled for you!! :D

    I agree with Keli--congratulations to the finalists and big hugs for all the rest who entered. :)

    And Casey, you're such a wonderful encourager! :)


  3. Congrats to all the finalists!!!

    Whooo hooo Renee Ann!!!

  4. Wow! Congrats everyone!
    I need to stop by some blogs now and congratulate people!

  5. KELI, yes many hugs to those who didn't final, but I think of Katie Ganshert and one of her recent posts and I have to smile. :)

    AMBER,isn't that just the most exciting thing? I was so thrilled when I saw Renee Ann's name

    JOY and FAYE, isn't this fun!! BIG CHEERS!!!!

  6. Woohoo!! That is awesome! Congratulations, Renee Ann!

  7. WOOT to Pepper and Renee Ann!!! I'm so excited for them!!!

    (And possibly slightly bummed that I can't cheer for them live, so if you go you'll have to give an extra cheer for this Alley Cat :))

  8. LEEANNE, yes! Got your email and replied this morning. Hopefully we can get that all cleared up for you. :)

    JULIA, oh you bet I will! So wish you could be there too, we'll have get together another year!


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