Friday, May 6, 2011

Our Next Cold Call Author!!!

Karen Witemeyer!!

Because of your popular vote, Karen will be our next Cold Call Author! You have until Sunday, May 8th to submit YOUR questions for Karen to answer.

They can be anything you want to know from her (within reason, of course), but please remember to keep it fairly short as this is a "cold call" interview.

The interview will be posted on Friday, May 27th


All winners will be announced shortly to allow for extra entry opportunities.

The winner of Driven is...

Kari Linder!

The winner of Yesterday's Tomorrow is...


Until Monday...

I'm taking a class from Margie Lawson again this month, so I'm cutting this short to go work on my homework! ;-))

I'll be around to visit though, so stop by and leave a "hello!" it is Friday after all.

Happy Friday!!

Don't forget your COLD CALL questions for Karen!!


  1. Karen doesn't blog, and she's not on Twitter. I'm curious why not and what other ways of staying connected in today's online world she's chosen.

  2. Have a fabulous day, Casey; enjoy your homework. : )

    Love that beautiful photo of the flowers!

  3. I'm totally supposed to be doing homework right now. LOL.

    Keli asked a great question. I'm curious about that too.

  4. KELI, great question!

    MICHELLE, I loved it when I found it too. :-)

    JOY, I know...haven't seen lecture 3 come through yet though.... ;-P

  5. I guess I have missed any interviews she's done but I have read her books! So, I want to know why she chose to write historical fiction vs contemporary. Does she get to have any say so in her book covers? They are fantastic! Does she lead women's studies at her church? I know often times leaders wives fulfill these rolls. What awesome book is she working on for all of us diehard fans to read next? Oh, I'm being a question hog because that's 4! :0)

  6. So excited that Karen got the Cold Call!! I have 2 questions for her – well, I have a bunch but I narrowed it down to 2, LOL! :)

    Are any of the romantic scenes in your books inspired by real life experiences with your own real life hero? ;)

    Is there is a woman in the Bible whose life and testimony has encouraged you in your own faith and walk with Christ?

    Casey, praying you and your mom have a beautiful Mother’s Day! :)


  7. Great questions Anne and Amanda! Thank you for sending them on over. :)


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