Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Does it ever strike you that certain times of our lives lend us to be more grateful than others?

That shouldn't be the way it is, but it often seems that way--at least for me. And I seem to be lately put into circumstances that constantly remind me of all that I have to be thankful for.

During this time of working two jobs, my writing, an intensive writing class and a million little things to remember and do, I come home each night and realize how thankful I should be (and am!).

Because #1: I have a very supportive family who are more than willing to let me slip away into the office and write my 1,000 words with nary a complaint.
Family photo.
#2: They are eager and willing to take on my other chores (like cleaning the house on Fridays) so I can spend that time editing and writing towards my self-imposed deadlines.

#3: Though they don't always understand what is going on behind the closed doors of my mind, they smile and nod and let me spout my word count with an excited "good!" when I hit what I need to hit.

#4: I couldn't do this without them. Giving a hundred and ten percent more than I ever would have thought to ask for. They merely offer it.

So often I wonder if I'm doing them a disservice. That I really should be out washing the dishes instead of putting words on the page. Or cleaning the house instead of trying to fit one more page of edits into the day. But when I stop and look back at the bigger picture, they aren't doing it because they feel they have, they are doing it because they want to. Big difference.

It's the difference between accepting my writing and encouraging it. It's the difference between considering my writing a hobby and knowing it's a dream I strive for.

So this post is dedicated to my family. My wonderful, quirky, understanding, loveable family.

I hope like you, you have someone in your life who supports you like my family does me. I know most writer's families aren't like mine, but I hope you have someone in your life who are as thankful for as I am for my family.

Leave a comment telling me who that person is and I'll randomly draw a name to choose a title from my "Swap List" for you and that friend. (found on the right hand side of the blog. :-))

Write on!!


  1. Every though I not a writer my family supports my dream and me going to college. No one in my family supports my education dreams more than my grandpa, he only has an eight grade education but always encourage me and stressed the importance of education. I don't know who I'd be today if he hadn't and still pushes me to do my best.


  2. I am blessed by my family. We are a very large extended family, but that just means more love, respect and fellowship.


  3. I think it's awesome that your family picks up some of your chores and makes ways for you to write. That's love.

    My husband and both my children are wonderful about my writing. My hubby doesn't "get" it and he isn't a reader, but he helps by cooking, buying me a fab office chair and laptop anything techy or anything that cost money, he works hard to do. In fact, he spent over 2 hours on the phone with the Chicago Tribune trying to get me a private tour. It may not work out, but the fact that he did it meant he was listening and he wanted to help. I love that.

    My daughter is almost 13 and when I'm in the zone, she helps out by making sure my 7 year old son has his Teddy Grahams and sweet tea! LOL She also helps him with homework. :)

    Let them do your chores; it's their way of saying, "I love you and I support you."

    Beautiful post!

  4. What a great family, Casey!

    I have an amazing hubs who takes over some duties so I can get writing done. I also have an amazing, amazing aunt, mom, and dad who are more than willing to take my son whenever a deadline approaches!

  5. Great post, Casey!! I'm thankful for your family, too!! They did a great job at raising a daughter who is an encouragement to so many people...I can only imagine how encouraging you are to the people who come into contact with you from day-to-day at your job and such.

    I think you know who mine is, my husband. He is beyond supportive!

  6. CARISSA, your blog comment touched me. When grandparents are so What a GIFT from God! Hang on tight to him, Carissa. That is something so special.

    MARYBELLE, love how you said that! Only more love to go around!!

    JESSICA, your husband might not "get" you, but he understands!! That is incrediable that he would put that kind of time and energy into something you need. What a treasure to value and tell the world how you've been blessed!!

    KATIE, I love your husband supports you so much! And when extended family jumps in, it just shows how much they believe in you.

    JULIA, You're sweet. :) Your husband IS beyond supportive. I was thinking about him last night and all he does for you. I hope I get to meet you BOTH someday. :D

  7. I love when families are so supported and honored. Good for you! When I was young and still living at home my Dad was my cheerleader. He would do anything to help us in whatever endeavor we wanted to accomplish. My Mom was our spiritual mentor and prayer warrior. Now that I am married my husband has taken on the roll of my own personal cheerleader. He encouraged me to go to college(and paid for it), he encouraged me raising our daughters by being supportive, by insisting that they respect their mother and by helping out when I was at the end of my rope. I know ALWAYS that whatever I need or desire to do my husband is right there helping me or encouraging me to reach those goals. Yup, family is awesome!

  8. Yay for supportive families, and yay for you, Casey, for not only knowing how much they do for you, but giving them props and thanks.

    I love it that your family is invested in you and what you do. :)

  9. Casey,

    I hope so, too :)

    I'm so excited to see where you're heading with Operation Encourage an Author :)

    Seriously, tell your parents I said thank you :)

  10. Oh Casey, Casey, Casey, my dear friend. Your family sounds terrific! Seriously wonderful :) Almost brought a tear to my eye just thinking about the things they do for you. I hope your mama got a big ol' hug on top of this post, girl! You're so very lucky.

    I think my person would have to be my friend, Cat. She seems to somehow just get me. We do bicker at times and honestly right now she's upset with me, but we always seem to come out of it. We are so similar that I think that's the reason we can get along and fight lol! However, our circumstances with family issues and feelings have been the same, really difficult, and it's brought us closer.

    I've also got so many other wonderful blogger friends, it just stinks to not have you guys in my life more! Lol :P If ya don't mind, say a prayer for my great uncle. He got rushed to the ER yesterday. He has a bad infection and will need at least to his knee amputated. However, he's almost 89 and they don't think he will make it through the surgery. If he does, he will have to be put into a nursing home which is against all his wishes and we know he will die that way too and quickly. So it's a tough realization for us. I plan on putting up an update on my blog about myself sometime too but with my Blogfest right now, not sure when I wanna do it lol, but I had my nerve conduction test and EMG on Monday and it is my ulnar nerve causing the numbness. I'll need surgery, but my neuro is trying to push it off as long as he can because it's a really dangerous surgery.

    So anyway, I know my whole family would appreciate those prayers for him, Case. Thanks a bunch, beautiful. And thanks for giving us a peek into your life : ) What an incredible family system you've been blessed with. Muah!

  11. Wow it sounds like you have an amazing family. In this day and age close families are sadly becoming a thing of the past I think. I'm so glad that you have a family to support you in your writing, there are so many things that are discouraging to anyone not just writers and it's important to have that back up! I may not always get along with my mum, dad, and brothers but you can be sure I have their back and they have mine when times get tough. :-)

    XOXO~ Renee C.

  12. I am very thankful today. My 4 yo nephew was injured and spent last night in the hospital. Last word is he's coming home today. Praise God! My friend (and Casey's) Carol has been amazing about getting the word out so people would pray. She contacted the ACFW prayer loop, her facebook friends, and Seekerville for me, all without me ever asking her too (or knowing she was doing most of it). She Rocks!!

    (Casey - I know that has nothing to do with writing, I just needed to shout out for Carol because she's amazing)

    Writing wise? I'm most thankful for my sister who is so, so supportive. She's always excited when I come up with a new plot twist or have a breakthrough. She entered my first ever blog book giveaway and said such nice things in her comments she made me cry.

    A girl couldn't ask for a better big sis!

  13. For me it's many people, but one of the most encourading is my best friend who also writes in her spare time, when she has any. She gives my deadlines to work toward and much encouragement.
    Your family is so supportive, and you are very blessed.

    crazi.swans at gmail dot com

  14. My hubby is my biggest supporter and encourager. He blesses me in so many ways.

  15. This is a beautiful tribute to your family, Casey.
    I am very grateful for my daughter, who is helpful and encouraging. She's in college now so we don't see each other often but we do enjoy the occasional weekends or school breaks we have together. Like me, she loves to read.

  16. I'm LOVING all these wonderful comments!! Doesn't being thankful make us feel so wonderful??

    JULIE, I love YOUR family! Wow, what a great support group they have been for you. Simply amazing isn't it??

    ERICA, so am I. I couldn't keep doing what I'm doing without them. I mean seriously, driving me 1800 miles to attend a writer's conference?? I can't begin to express my gratitude. This is only just a taste.

    JULIA, that day is going to be awesome. :) Be praying for me with OEA would ya? I'm trying to cook up new ideas and hope they will work!

    HANNAH, I am blessed, EXCEEDINGLY! And sounds like you are too. And yes, I will pray for you and your family tonight! Those kind of situations are so hard and we recently went through something like that (only not as tramatic) with my grandfather this last summer. Praying for your peace!

  17. RENEE, I know, they are, and it breaks my heart. It's why we should never take the ones who love and support us for granted!

    ANDREA, it doesn't have to be about writing and YES Carol moved by the Spirit's leading and His "wave" of prayer and support is amazing. I'm SO glad you shared that your nephew is doing well! And your sister sounds like she is one treasure to hang on to. So glad you have her!

    FAYE, do NOT let that friend EVER get away from you. That is a true friend!

    KELI, I love when spouses such as you share about what their spouses do for them and how much they appreciate it. Keep doing that, it gives the rest of us hope! ;-)

    PAM, I love my connection with my mom. A mother/daughter relationship is something to treasure isn't?? A true gift from God.

  18. Thank you, Casey, for reminding me to ALWAYS be thankful, and to remember those who support and encourage us.

    I, too, have a great family who loves and supports my writing. I also have an AMAZING crit group. Without them I would NOT be where I am today!


  19. Casey,

    I'll be praying. Let me know if you need to bounce off ideas or something. I'm here :). I'm excited to see where it will go in the New Year.

  20. CHERYL, crit groups can make or break it, can't they?!? Find a good one, you'll never want to part again!

    JULIA, I crave them, thank you! And I probably will bounce ideas off of you. :)


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