Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It's Party Day TWO!! And Boy Do I Have a Treat for You...


I've brought party hats and toot the blow-horn thingies, because we've got another day of two very special guests in the same post!

DON'T MISS out on what's been planned. It's going to be fun, fun, fun!

Now, I got a little secret to share: I love Candace Calvert and Ronie Kendig. They write  some fiction. Seriously, they are awesome and when they found out they were sharing a party day...what did they do? But be the wonderful, generous people they are and TOOK OVER MY PARTY.

It's well worth it though and I bet you'll agree with me. These gals...are. a. blast!!

And are you remembering your trivia questions?? I'm trying to keep them from being time-consuming and simply fun!

So are you ready to get on with the par-tay?!?

I'll be bringing in music later in the week and we've got balloons filling the air all around us. Throw a bit of confetti around while your at it too. Just watch out for the food. ;-)


The lovely Candace Calvert in her CA home kitchen!
Candace: Omigoodness, there’s nothing I like more than an excuse for a party—and helping our good friend Casey celebrate her 2nd Blog Anniversary is just too much fun!  You can see by the photo that I’ve chosen my party wear with great care: scrubs (you know I live in them), pearls (for the occasion) and an apron—because y’all KNOW I’m a passionate foodie. It even spills over into my writing: Nick Stathos, the police officer hero of Code Triage, was once a San Francisco chef!  

I wanted to bring an extra apron for fabulous author and co-hostess Ronie Kendig, but it’s impossible to find one in camouflage now that I’ve moved back home to California.  

Ronie: Apron? Don’t you know that’s the whole point of wearing camo shirts and pants—you can’t see how dirty they are! Besides, I just slop beans in a large pot and let the magic work itself. 

The amazing Ronie Kendig, complete with her camo!
Candace: Intriguing—this will be a perfect party collaboration, and we’re so glad that you all can join in. The more the merrier. Start the music, grab some confetti curls and let’s get things going!  

Casey’s asked us some key party questions, so I’ll set aside my oven mitt and spatula, and start right in:

Casey: What’s on the menu for your party? 

Candace: Despite the rumor that ER nurses thrive on cold pizza (munched between stomach-turning cases) my favorite party food is appetizers. Hot, cold, spicy, sweet . . . pretty little perfect bites. Food guests can carry around as they mingle and talk. So I think for this special party, I’ll serve a few specialties straight from the Calvert recipe box: 

Grilled Portabella Mushroom Spread (warm, smoky, creamy, rich with Parmesan)

Crab Cakes with sweet/tangy red pepper sauce

Roasted Corn & Lobster Dip with sourdough slices

Ole Squares (rich cornbread, green chiles, cheddar bites)

Crispy Italian Chicken Sticks with Honey Mustard

Wolfgang Puck’s “Famous Hot Spinach-Artichoke” Dip

Maybe some fresh whole strawberries, pear slices, with cheeses and spicy-sweet glazed nuts, and--

Ronie:  Now, hold up! WE got the best right here. First we’ll start off with a beef roast with suck-you-in vegetables.

Candace: I think you mean succulent.

Ronie: Naw, we ain’t got none of those, whatever they are. Just suck-you-in vegetables. Or for the more refined tastes, how about meatballs with marinara sauce? Or for those on one of them liquid fasts, how about chicken soup with noodles. ‘Course, reckon the noodles kinda shoot the liquid part in the foot, but hey, in the field, you can’t be too choosy. All these meals are readily available for any fine American serviceman—and in no-spill, leakproof packets, straight from the good ol’ US-of-A.

Photo Credit for the Texas Sheet Cake. ;-)
Candace: Okay, spill-proof is good (better for the linen napkins). Now for dessert. I’m thinking a decadent, fudgy Texas Sheet Cake, in honor of Trauma Plan—the first book in my upcoming Texas medical series. 

Ronie: Let’s make it easy on everyone, including those with KP duty. First, you can choose from shortbread cookies stamped with images of the Statue of Liberty, the American flag, or and eagle. Or you can eat the dried fruit—really good, I hear—and can testify—for the digestive system. Know what I’m saying?  

Candace: Mmm, good point—medically speaking. And, just for fun, I’ll offer what’s left of a huge sack of candy corn. (Ask Casey about that!) 

Casey: *giggling behind hands*

Ronie: Now, see? Right there is why I love this fine lady with her fancy foods, pearls, and smiles. Candy Corn. Can’t get more home-grown than that. I happen to have it on good authority that Legend—you can get a bead on his story come January in Firethorn—loves those multicolored cones of sugar. I’ll also throw in some Milk Bone Biscuits for the doggy guests—in honor of Trinity, the first book in my upcoming A Breed Apart series. Can’t forget our four-legged heroes! 

Casey: Would your party be catered or home-created? 

Candace (dusting the Kitchen Aid mixer): I think you can guess that one . . .   

Casey: Hmmm, that was sort of a pointless question... ;-)

Ronie: Home grown and yet catered. See? The military can be flexible. After all, I reckon many of those I’d be serving to wouldn’t be able to make that date, so let’s just say we bring the meal to you with a heapin’ dose of good will and prayers.  

Candace: I’ll second that good thought, my friend. 

Casey: Describe your party setting. 

Candace: I love opening my home to guests, creating an atmosphere that says, “C’mon on in, friends—we’re blessed to have you here.”  

Ronie: I might have to dust off the sign, but it’s the one that draws crowds by the thousands every day. In fact, several times a day. After a long hard day on patrol or one spent on your bunk writing loved ones back  home, the sign that makes every one smile is the one that says “Mess Hall.”  

Candace: A warm welcome starts at the front door: sack-candles lighting the walkway, tiny white lights in the trees, festive door wreath, tubs of flowers and ivy beside the door. A brass dragonfly doorknocker. There’s music as the door opens, laughter and hugs, shouts of “Oh, fabulous, look who’s here!” –and then mouth-watering scents wafting from the kitchen. It’s a lovely mix of folks, all ages, all manners of dress (from scrubs to sequins to faded jeans--military fatigues!) and there’s a lively, non-stop buzz of conversation. People are batting balloons, munching appetizers, brainstorming novels, and singing karaoke—here’s the mike, you’re next! The festivities spill from room to room, and then out onto a covered and heated patio, where comfy wicker couches, a burbling waterfall, strings of lights and tabletop candles invite guests to sit and linger . . . 

Ronie: Our setting. . .well, It’s more about who is there than what is there. After all, the benches aren’t exactly oozing comfort, and the vinyl floors make it easy to clean, and the stainless steel keeps the bacteria at bay, but. . .when you see the road-weary soldier, who’s seen more than his fair share of wrong in a day, a smile and a light bit of conversation over a tray piled with slop does a heart right, ya know what I’m saying? Or a female officer holding the picture of her children while she nibbles one of those refined sugar cookies. . .does a heart proud.  

Candace: Proud indeed. And speaking of proud, Ronie and I are both honored to be here—combining our party efforts—to celebrate with all of you. So lift your glasses, aim those confetti curls, and let’s all shout it out together. 

Happy Blog Anniversary, Casey!!  Whoo hoo!!”

Casey: *blushing* 

Casey: Complete this thought: The perfect party isn’t perfect without 

Candace and Ronie: All of you.  Thanks for coming to our party!
Wooohoooooo!! Don't you just love those two?? THANK YOU Candance and Ronie for making this party so much fun!!

I know the perfect guests for THIS party! It's every blog reader who stops by. This party has really nothing to do about me, and EVERYTHING to do about you. I wouldn't be able to do any of this right here and now, if you guys weren't such faithful (and fun!!) visitors. Take this as my thank you to you!!
What to know what you're playing for?? Yeah, I thought you might.... (two winners today)

Woot! And I can't wait for this book (to release in December)

And this medical drama was waaay good! Not to be missed at all!

Ready for your trivia question??

(Remember), on each post I will have a trivia question about my blog. For every correct answer you get right you'll receive TWO EXTRA ENTRIES for this contest AND for all those who get my trivia questions right, I'll have a special giveaway separate for you guys. ;-)

How many party posts did I have LAST YEAR??

Happy party day!!!


  1. Fun, fun!! I enjoyed reading this post! I haven't read anything by Candace or Ronie, but I'm looking forward to. Thanks for a chance to win!

    And I think you had 8 party posts last year.

  2. Oops! Forgot to put my email address. I know you know it already, but I guess I have to make it official. ;-)

    scraphappy71 at sbcglobal dot net

  3. You throw one heck of a party, Casey!

  4. nice party. thanks. I counted 8 party posts plus the winners post.

    thanks for the wonderful selection of authors and books.

    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

  5. Candace and Ronie, you guys are such a hoot! Yes, you definitely ran away with the party, but I'm sure our hostess is thankful for the breather in the festivities, LOL!

    Great party, Casey. And the buffet spread today is to-die-for!

  6. Great party. Candace and Ronie sound like my kind of party hosts. Candace was making me way too hungry. Sounds like she is just as adept in the kitchen as she is in the ER.

  7. How fun Casey! Love the interview! And the picture of the Texas Sheet Cake is torture! It looks divine! Happy 2nd party day!

  8. WHOO-HOO, two more of my FAVES, Case!!

    LOL, Candy/Ronie!! Seriously, you two need to write a book or a blog or something together because what a mix of fun you are -- a definite "Odd Couple" kind of fun that GUARANTEES the success of a party ... uh, especially if Nick Statos cooks, Candy! I have to admit, that man was hunky enough and then you made him a S.F. chef, and I was near drooling.

    Of course, ALL of Candy and Ronie's guys are hotties who make you drool, so if you want hot heroes, look no further!!

    And, Michelle, seriously -- READ THESE TWO -- you will LOVE them!!

    But I gotta tell ya, Ronie -- if it's a toss-up as to who is going to bring the food and ambiance?? You'll find me at Candy's. I mean, really ... Milk Bones????



  9. MICHELLE!!! Julie is right, you are SO deprived!! You need to win one of these gal's books this week. ;-)

    SO excited to join you all again today. Hopefully I can stop in a bit more--but enjoy the cake and I'll be back!

    The sheet cake IS drool worthy, I *love* that cake!

    I'm blessed and honored by your attendance, thank you!!! :D

  10. Wow, wow, wow, Casey! You've got two awesome authors here today that I would just LOVE to meet in person! After reading that UBER-fun interview between those two, they seem like awesome gals to know.

    And what a giveaway. Both of those books are SURE to be totally and completely awesome! (I've read Code Triage, and it was totally awesome!) So, yeah, deff count me in for them!

    And as for your trivia question, you did a week long blogiversary last year. (Which was also a blast!! ;-) There were 8 posts, or 9 if you count the blogiversary winners post.


  11. How great is this?? I'm still giggling about sharing a kitchen with Ronie--she's right about the practicality of camo. I have FAR more food spots and splashes on my scrubs.
    Michelle: I LOVE that you're here and would be honored to have you "scrub in" with my stories of hope!
    Katie--welcome back, good to see you!
    Audra--thank you for enjoying the appetizer buffet. I do so love to make it pretty.
    (waving) Julia, so glad you're here!
    Julie, don't be shy: plenty of cake for seconds!
    Julie Lessman--HEY PAL, wouldn't be a party without you! And, yes, Nick's here someplace . . . I keep him tucked away, so no one will drool on the party food. And, hey, I've discovered if you dip a Milk Bone in the Portabella Mushroom dip, it can be sort of tasty . . .
    Ronie and Casey: whoo hoo, this is fun!!! Let's party on, friends!

  12. Okay, third time's a charm. Hopefully this post will go through.

    Thank you, Casey, for hosting us on your uber-special blogaversary.

    And boy-howdy do I look tired in that picture or what? Comes from too many long days in the mess hall, I think.

  13. Hahaha okay Casey you put have two of my very favorite authors in one head's going to explode LOL! Not kidding Candace and Ronie are AWESOME! I just finished Firethorn last week on my Kindle and it's just a gorgeous story. I'm really excited for Candace's Grace Medical series too since I LOVED Mercy Hospitality!! Squee!

    XOXO~ Renee C.

  14. Oh. My. Word.
    This Colorado gal hadn't eaten breakfast before she read this blog post ... yikes! This was over-the-top food for me!!
    Enjoying celebrating with you, Casey!!

  15. What a great party, Casey! I loved the tasty fare from Candy and Ronie. I'm all over those shortbread cookies. Cyber variety. Calorie-free. Love it!

  16. Great blog party! I'm thinking I need to read both of these books ASAP. Thanks for the chance to win!


    God Bless!

  17. Two of my favorite authors! I just knew they'd be so much fun at a party. :) Great party, Casey.

  18. I counted 8 :)

    Love both these writer's books! Have read them all.


  19. This post was a blast to read. Thanks so much for writing it. Now I'm going to have to find some food after reading all those yummy ideas!

    Would love to win either book!

  20. BTW I counted 9 party posts including the winners announcement! :-)

    XOXO~ Renee C.

  21. What a fun interview - love the pictures, too! :) Those gals have so many great party plans!

    Thanks for the chance to win either book! :D



  22. You guys make me smile!! Stopping in for a quick peek during my lunch break and loving all the fun!

    CANDACE and RONIE, thanks so much for swinging in!!! You gals went above and beyond and I so appreciate the fun and pop you gave this interview!!

    Don't you just love the no-calorie yummies?? Snagging a few bites myself as I sit here, eyeing the buffet bar.

    RENEE, I'm so jealous. I have to wait for the print copy of Ronie's book because my mom would kill me if I got a copy in ebook first. She LOVES Ronie's books. :)

    Alright, back to work, but have fun guys!! I'll see you again tonight.

  23. Awesome interview --I don't know if my mom has read anything by Ms. Calvert or Ms. Kendig, but it sounds like the type of books she likes (and it sounds interesting to me also). Thanks for the chance to win!

    Ms. Casey did nine party posts including the winners post and excluding the short post about the sidebar giveaway winners. ;-)


  24. Casey - do you ever know how to throw a party - or what!!! I just had to come say hi to Ronie whom I've never met but would love to - her books come highly recc. by Rel and others. And I CAN'T MISS checking in to say how much I love the kitchen pic with Candace who is one of my favorite author friends ever!!!!!! We always have a fun time dishing and gushing when we get together at ACFW. Anyway, hello and hugs to all! So thankful for your beautiful blog. It truly is a testament of writing for Christ and an audience of one.

  25. Happy anniversary, Casey! What a fun post today. Loved the contrasting parties these two friends throw. :)

  26. Had to drop by when two of my favourite people were coming to your party, Casey :) LOVE Ronie and Candy!

    Waving to you, Laura - yep, you need to get your hands on Ronie's books, my friend!

  27. Oh here, let's pass these appetizers around again--I've reheated Wolfgang's dip (he'd have a celebrity fit if I served it cold).
    Renee, Beth, Kelly, Liz, Sara! Omigoodness, I'm so glad I made a Texas sized cake! Anne, Andrea, Jeanne, and--squeeee!--there's fab author and heart-pal Laura Frantz! And omigoodness, all the way from Down Under: Rel of Relz Reviewz! I'm so thrilled that y'all could be here to celebrate Casey's big week!
    Okay now . . . crabcake?

  28. I counted nine (unless you count your post "Winners from Sidebar Giveaways")!

    frequentreader19 (at) gmail (dot) com

  29. Happy Blogaversay, Casey :)

    Here's to many, many more!

    And what a wonderful selection of 'guests' you have invited to you party.

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  30. What a great party :) This must be so exciting for you, Casey. Loved the interview, and look forward to seing what you have in store for tomorrow! Have a great blog-o-versary!

    crazi.swans at gmail dot com

  31. What a fun party! I counted 8 party posts for last year.
    That Texas Sheet Cake looks wonderful! Now I'm hungry for some chocolate.


  32. I counted 8 party posts but if you count the winner announcement, it would be 9.


  33. Super Party Miss Casey! And OH MY GOODNESS...that Texas Sheet Cake looks like a chocolate overload that I would love to partake in. :)

    Regarding your Trivia question, last year you posted ten times during your blogiversary party week. One was the list of sidebar winners, one was a list of the blogiversary winners and eight were your party blog posts.

    Love the party!

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.


  34. Love both those authors. So much fun. I'm going to say 8 party posts, 9 if you count the winners post.



  35. *WAVING to LAURA!! Thank you for coming by, dear friend, always a pure pleasure to see you! Aren't these two fun!?!?! I'm so thrilled to say I got to meet all three of you this year. Highlight, highlight!!

    And to all my FABULOUS blog party guests!! WHAT would I do without you?? Go crazy most likely and be terribly lonely. Candace posted a picture on Facebook a while back of a man hugging his computer--because all of his friends live in it! That's how I feel for you guys.


  36. What a fun post!
    I would love to win these books!!!:)
    I LOVED Candice's first two books but have not had a chance to read Code Triage yet.
    And Nightshade was AMAZING! I still have to read the others in the series but am looking forward to reading Firethorn.

    OK I counted 8 party posts, with the winner posts too.


  37. Such a fun post! I would enjoy to get to know these authors through their books (I've never read any books by them). So, please enter me in these giveways! Also, you had 10 party posts last year including the two winner posts.

  38. I counted 8. Are you counting the posts for winners??


  39. Oh I think that is 10 posts!
    And I really enjoyed your interview at My Book Therapy Ronie.
    Thanks so much, I printed that one!

    Jan K.

  40. The perfect party isn’t perfect without FRIENDS!

  41. eight

  42. The Texas Sheet Cake looks mouth-watering. I like that it has the chocolate on top of the cake. Yummy!

    For your trivia question, my answer would be 11 (I see that everyone else have a different answer from mine! :P) posts, not including the winner announcement posts which is 2.


  43. I just realized that the reason why my answer "ballooned" is because included the 100 follower party posts. :D

  44. Fun! I just loved this post and laughed my way through it. I have read the first one of Candace's books and loved it and can't wait to read her others. I also want to read Ronnie's books.


  45. Those look like books I'd love.

  46. Candace and Ronie both write awesome books! Count me in for this one!


    desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

  47. Oops, forgot the question:

    I counted 8.

    desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

  48. Thanks for a chance to win!

    8 party posts?


  49. Candace and Ronie are sooo fun! And now I am soo hungry!
    I think I counted right...8 Party posts, + winner post.

    inspiredbyfiction at gmail dot com

  50. Wow two awesome authors and two awesome books!! Thanks ladies for the great posts......Love All of Candice and Roni's books!

  51. I've never read any of Ronie's books, but I really want to! I think you had 8 party posts last year!


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