Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Want to Win a $15 Gift Card??

Bet I got your attention didn't I??

Good, that was my intention.  ;-)


I was putting together my VIP guest list the other day and WOW, what a party it is going to be--I'm super excited. I think I can pretty much guarantee it's going to be a blast. It won't be near the production of Seekerville, but I hope I can give you all a good time. :-)

BUT I need help!

I need a blog button for my 2nd blog anniversary.

My dilemma: I don't have time to make one.

Your chance to win: Make me a cute blog button--be creative, I know you are! Design something that works for me, I'll choose the one I love best and that winner will get a $15 gift card to Amazon!

Yep. Make a blog button, earn a pre-party prize! This contest will be judged by me and subjective to which blog button I like best.

You're deadline: is NOVEMBER 7TH!
I will have a special post set for 5pm that Sunday night to announce the winning button

My blog party starts on the 15th and runs through the 21st with a BLOWOUT of prizes.

Please email your HTML codes to me at:
If you have any questions you can ask them here or email me.


**I always wanted to say that. ;-)


  1. Can't wait for the party, Casey! And if I knew how to make a button, I'd totally jump in! Alas, I do not.

  2. Me neither Katie! I'm just hoping I get some takers here. :)

  3. Wish I knew how! Good luck to those who are entering. : )

  4. I could paint you an oil painting on canvas, but have no idea how to design a button on the computer, LOL! I hope you get some great choices.

  5. Wish I had the skill set to enter this contest! Really looking forward to your blog party!

  6. Ms. Casey, what do you mean by HTML code? Would it be alright if I e-mailed you the link to the image hosting site that I uploaded an image to? I can try to do a .jpg button, but I don't know how to turn an image into a button (with a link and such) ...

  7. I don't know how to do an HTML code either (though I know somebody who could help me there...).

    Time permits, Casey, I'll try my hand at making a button. :-) Cool contest!!

  8. MICHELLE, MIRALEE, ERICA, oh dear this seems to be an epidemic! There has to be someone out there...

    There is a site called don't want to take the time to figure it out. It's a suggestion!

    LADY D., an HTML code is a special code we can use on our blogs that has a picture and link embedded into so a visitor can grab it and put it on their blog. :)

    KATIE, hope your friend will help you!! :D

  9. Might have to give this a try. ;-)

    XOXO~ Renee

  10. Thanks, Ms. Casey ... I'll try and come up with something this weekend. What size button are you looking for (e.g. 125x125, 200x200, etc.)?

  11. Any size as long as it can seen and noticed, so not too small and not too big that it doesn't fit the blog side bar dimensions. Maybe 200 x 200? I'm willing to work with it. :) Thank you!

  12. Casey, I don't get over here nearly enough. :) COngrats on your upcoming party! I"m gonna do my best to stop by a few times. :)

    I'm glad you have some possible participants in your contest. I have no clue how to do it. So fun to see what you're up to.

  13. Two years, whoo hoo! Sounds like it will be a fun party. Renee makes great buttons, but if she can't do it for any reason, I'll make you button for free.

  14. JEANNE, oh please do! I hope my readers will love the party as much as I'm loving putting it all together!

    JOY, you wouldn't have to do that. ;-) But I SO appreciate your support. Thank you, friend!


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