Thursday, December 24, 2009

Book Review: Reclaiming Nick

Nick Noble never intended to be the prodigal son, but when family secrets abound, that would be much better hidden, attitudes better left tethered are unleashed with a fury.

Piper Sullivan can’t forgive Nick for falsely accusing her brother and landing him in jail for a murder he didn’t commit. Worming her way onto the family ranch, Piper is determined to seek revenge, but instead discovers more than she ever bargained for.

I had never read a Susan May Warren book before, oh the shame. Her style took me a little while to really dive into. Often I would sit back and go "huh? did I miss something?" But really all she was doing was dropping a "clue", which all became clear as the book progressed- you just have to get to that point. The tension in this book was incredible. Nick and Piper were lovable characters, but you just wanted to knock their heads around to get them to see the light! Talk about love, Susan knows how to drag out tension and release it with a snap when it comes to the hero and heroine. Add in a stampede, a murderous villain and some really hard biscuits and you have a winning novel. I look forward to reading more in the series.


  1. Great review, Casey.
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