Friday, December 2, 2011

How the Weekend Looks From My Angle...

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Because I honestly wanted this first rough read-through done, like...two weeks ago.

I hit 54,500 on November 30th (and my goal was to make it to 50K by the end of November ;-) On to the end of the story now!! (goal to have it complete at 90K by the end of December)


I've got a very full Saturday (my mom and I both) selling my jewelry at a local bazaar. Always a great deal of fun!!

I have letters and a couple thank you cards yet to write--need to get those completed this weekend. :-))

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Heaven help if I don't get just a *bit* of reading done this weekend. ;-)

That's what's on MY plate this weekend...

...what about you??


  1. I get to attend my first Christmas party of the season, one being held by my local RWA chapter. Should be lots of fun.

    I'll be exercising each day. I'm doing great on my new regimen, and am actually enjoyed my Curves workouts and walks. =)

  2. Wow, you have a full weekend ahead Casey! I hope you can sneak in some reading time too. I have been working on making Christmas gifts since August and will continue on that course this weekend. I'm making my daughter a couple of dresses and a tunic. I am procrastinating starting the projects because I am not a fan of sewing. I would rather crochet. *sigh*

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Julie @ My Only Vice

  3. Hmm...for me this weekend...
    writing - hopefully finish my first draft. :)

    Cooking/baking - church Sunday School class party

    Packing - headed to Texas next week for a visit with my Dad and grandparents

    Normal every day life - laundry, meals, schooling, cleaning, etc.

    Have a good weekend! :)

  4. KELI, good for you! Don't quit now, though I don't think you would. ;-) Enjoy that party!

    JULIE, my sister loves to crochet--but I'm a knitter. :) ENJOY your weekend as well--no matter what you happen to get around to doing. ;)

    SHERI, I bet you can totally do that rough draft. I wouldn't be surprised. :-) Enjoy your family in the process. :)

  5. Hey! How exciting that you passed 50k on your WIP!! I did, too! Such a BIG feeling of accomplishment, especially since I've been trying to reach this mark for the good part of this year! :-P

    My week has actually been kinda uneventful. Outside of blogging, reading, writing, and doing things around the house and with my siblings, nothing too big. Besides a baby shower we are hosting at our house today for a lady from my church. Those are always fun! :-)

  6. It is, isn' it Katie!?!! Sounds like you have a great and fun weekend ahead of you. Those kind are always the best. Enjoy it! :)


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