Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Is Santa Claus Our New God?

About this time of year, you start seeing Santa pop up. Oh, he's here, he's there, he is just plain everywhere.

You know the song, he's watching when your sleeping, he's watching when you're awake. He knows what your naughty and he knows when you are nice. (something like that)

I had a friend who's son told her, "Mom, that is just plain creepy."

I'm with that son, I don't really like to think of a fat, jolly old man (even if he is supposed to be jolly) watching me when I go about my everyday life.

Have you ever noticed that we have TONS of Santas every year? We have a Santa at the mall. At the grocery store. On the TV--on every commercial, sure they all look the same, but they aren't all the same. They are played by different men, dressed up in a red suit and white beard.

But have you noticed that no one has ever tried to dress up and play God? Sure we assert our want for control in our own lives, but God can't fit into any kind of suit. God can't be generalized into one perfect image that everyone recognizes when they see Him a dozen miles away.

And yet...why can't we? Why can't we see Christ? We should be the perfect light for God so when others see us, they see Him. We should be as obvious for our Father in heaven as the man in the red suit is.

When we live our lives for Christ and aren't ashamed to share our love affair with Him, we have the opposite affect as "Santa" does. Because our God doesn't scare other people with his wandering eye. We fall in love with Him, knowing He is watching after us. Taking care of us.

May our light so shine.


  1. Oh how true! I have heard so many parents teaching their children right from wrong using Santa Claus instead of Jesus. We do Santa at our house because I think he's a fun part of Christmas, but I also think our kids are getting him in the proper perspective. We emphasize that Christmas is Jesus' birthday and have shared the story of St. Nicklaus with them.

    As with so many things in our society it's not that the thing itself is evil, it's the amount of value and worship we give it that creates the problem.

  2. Hello KRISTI ANN, thanks so much for visiting today. :) It is incrediably disturbing that we are using Santa Claus instead of Jesus. Santa is not omnipotent, only Christ is. And to think we are teaching our kids anything but is not setting a strong foundation for them.

  3. Wow this was such a blessing! I totally agree. I just figured out that SANTA has the same letters as SATAN.

  4. ALI, I would have never thought of that before. Interesting observation, isn't it?? :)

  5. Casey~ It's only in recent years those lines have bothered me. I suppose now--at 32 years of age--I'm finally mature enough to know that only God carries that distinction.

    Just yesterday, we admonished our daughter, "Would Santa like that?" Then I cringed. I think I give parents a bit of a pass for this reason... My daughter sat on Santa's lap and promised him she'd be good. In her mind it was a genuine promise; therefore, we teach her she must keep it. I think that's okay. Besides, the rest of the year I do admonish her by saying, "Do you think Jesus is happy when you do that?"

    While I think the SANTA/SATAN link is a bit harsh, I do try to focus the "St. Nick" part of the legend. We have a book "The legend of St. Nickolas." My daughter loves it, and I was so proud of her when she picked that book for me to read to her class a couple of weeks ago.

  6. Hey Casey! I think your observations are correct. When we tell our children that Santa is everywhere, knows everything about you, and can be in one place all in one "night" then we are giving him attributes that are ONLY God's! (Omniscience and Omnipresence) How confusing to a little mind is that? Maybe not right away but as they get older. It is essentially lying to them, then telling them that he's not real. How many of them will equate that idea with God? We don't really know, but as parents, we aren't willing to find out! And, yes that has put us in a totally different category (like the "nut" one) with our family & friends :)

  7. Good post, Casey. Unfortunately, I think many Americans think God is like Santa Claus: He watches us and fulfills our wish list. *sigh* I'm not one who wants to kick Santa into oblivion, but I surely wish we'd get it right: Santa is the warm-and-fuzzy myth; God and His Son are anything BUT myth.

    May He bless you and yours on this Merry Christmas!

  8. ANDREA, if only we would so teach our kids to long to sit on Jesus's lap and promise him (and mean it!) to be good. To follow, obey and love him and eagerly search of His gift of eternal life with Him.

    ANNE, so well said! And I agree, it is terribly confusing! Thanks so much for sharing today. :)

    GWEN, *nods* and in so many ways that is our problem with our society. We want God to be our fairy godmother--what a wrong image!

    Thanks so much for visiting today. :)


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